Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One Bo to Stab

I'm backkkkkkkkk and I'm about to tear a hole into this show!! Kind of like Hope trying to stab Bo throughout the whole show. Hope does not know how to handle a knife, probably because she doesn't eat or cook anything. She tries to stab Bo repeatedly but cannot seem to grasp the concept that you aim for the body and not the air surrounding him. She even has soundtrack music to stab to, which is a man wailing...but not Bo?! Bo finally grabs her and handcuffs her to the chair. He tapes her confessing to the muggings and trying to set him on fire. She hates him, but loves him, and he loves her. Just wait until she seems all that mascara she has on, she'll scream. She falls asleep and finally the crazy bitch shuts up.

Rafe questions Fay, who has burned everything that Nicole sent her. So Fay destroys all of Nicole's blackmail evidence. Rafe is left with a pile of garbage to sort through. Do I even need to address the monumental waste of time? Rafe literally stands around looking dumb and accomplishing nothing every week. Has he considered dating Chloe?

Melanie surprises Chloe at her place and tells her how she wants a kid too. Great the way she is bossing around Chloe, she's going to steal this kid and raise it as her own. And if Phillip is the daddy technically she is also the step mommy! Melanie introduces the new nurse Kathleen to her parents, and brags about them...has she met them? She talks about how great Dr. Manning and Dr. Jonas are. Yeah they aren't that special. Kathleen might end up dating Daniel though if Melanie is lucky. Carly takes DNA from them both, and they should have done this MONTHS ago to prove Melanie was her kid. Carly is LYING to everyone again, and she feels guilty. She is also realizing how screwed she is if Melanie and Daniel found out she is lying again. Carly arranges for Chloe's paternity test at St. Mary's while Dan and Melanie plan to go there. COINCIDENCE!! This NEVER happens on soap operas.

Nicole and Brady have lots of sex. Also they are naked during this sex...just thought I'd share that. Dick gets arrested and calls Nicole for help. While Nicole is gone, Brady gets a phone call from Nicole's bank and finds information about Nicole having lots of money. This is Brady so he will not figure anything out tomorrow. It will take a few more hours or even days. Also, while Brady shirtless is great, I worry he will catch a cold. Nicole gives Dick money and thinks she is home free....which means she is screwed!

Previews: Melanie tells Daniel that Chloe is keeping a secret. I bet Melanie thinks Chloe has fake boobs and is worried about nursing. Okay Mel unfortunately Chloe's boobs are real and they are fabulous. We all have to come to terms with this one.

Brady asks Nicole where she got all this money. I would just lie and say I took it to the track or that I was working the streets with Kate. Either way this is Brady we are dealing with so it doesn't matter what you say..he'll believe anything.

Hope says to Bo that she would never hurt anyone. Well technically she did not really hurt Bo, but she may have hurt the other men by giving them headaches. Okay I'm rethinking this. She should really say, "I never ate anything" because we all know that at least is the truth. Best advise for Hope right now: Number 2 supersized.

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