Monday, July 26, 2010

All Victor's Women

Bo can't remember who attacked him...big fucking surprise. He can't even remember he got a sore throat from pulling out his tube like a psychopath. Justin tells Hope what happened and she is concerned. She questions Bo about the attack because she is the lead investigator of the case...of course! She then asks Carly if she has an alibi..Let's pin this one on Carly Manning who was in surgery. Ten bucks says she has an even lamer twin. Bo's tox screen comes back and he was poisoned with antianxitey meds and other stuff. I bet Carly worried at first that Bo got in her stash. Also, why hasn't Hope noticed her pills are missing. Hope is so far in the clear until that little dastardly Theo Carver tells his mom and dad that Hope's treasures are WALLETS! You would think they'd put two and two together but Fat Chance. Hope and Bo share a lovey dovey moment where they hold hands and Bo says she will always be family. Carly watched as they do this and she looks like someone shot her puppy...oh wait this just in: Carly Manning accidentally shot her puppy.

Caroline is the biggest cockblocker in Daytime. Yes I said it!!! he is getting all up in Victor and Maggie's business. The bitch needs to just fix her dentures and shut up. Maggie is annoyed she is in the middle of two women fighting over Victor. Caroline forgives Victor for not calling her about Bo, and the old cow calms down. Victor goes to see Maggie, and she admits she likes him. Awwww It's really sad that this is the most exciting storyline on the show and the respective parties are all over 70. Three women want Victor...that's hot.

Nathan tells Melanie he's moving in with one cares. Stephanie and Adrienne discuss Patch being one cares either. Stephanie finds a picture of Melanie in Nathan's boxes....Wait...we don't care!!

Stefano reads Madeline's obituary. Yes she is really dead but not to worry because she is back on True Blood next week bitches!!! YES!! Jessica Tuck is awesome on that show. Stefano tells Kate that now that Madeline is gone they will not have problems....yeah right. Kate offers her condolences to Chad's dad but the guy is still a prick and he mentions Madeline's safety deposit box was empty. Kate talks to herself and thinks she has the only copy of Chad's birth certificate. Stefano thinks it is weird she is talking to herself. Apparently Stefano has been oblivious to the fact that more than half the damn town talks to themselves. In fact he lives with Sami who talks to herself so much she never had time or her kids or her friends. Will blames himself for Madeline's death, but Chad explains its not his fault and he wants to know the truth. Chad plans on questioning Kate about his mother's past. Okay if I were Chad I would meet Kate at a hotel and bring lots of cash. I hear she opens up alot this way.

Previews: Stefano tells Kate that it's time that she learn how the DiMeras deal with their enemies. Okay the woman used to work for the man, kept secrets from him, and has been avoiding him her whole life and NOW she's going to learn how they deal with enemies? Are we just ignoring their past completely? Yes they are married now but these two were not best friends and she was an enemy so I think she knows Stefano.

Chloe tells Phillip that she doesn't think they can keep this a secret any more. Phillip should seriously just shoot the bitch, and dispose of the body. I cannot believe he has not had a heart attack or stroke by now because of this lady. Chloe cannot keep her mouth shut and this isn't even a sex joke!

Dan tells Carly that it's over and it's all gone to hell with Chloe. Wow it only took him about four months to realize this. It would have taken Rafe eight months so I applaud Daniel for his speedy reveal. Of course Manning will get him to think he is crazy and now I can really dislike her for ruining that moment.

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