Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As the Boy Fight Turns Hotter

Caroline lectures Sami about the EJ situation. Seriously Caroline needs to get her dentures in check and get out of people's business. She is no Marlena so just go make your fried chicken and spoil your grandkids. Sami talks to Nicole who wants information out of her, but Sami doesn't give her anything and is really annoyed by their conversation..Like I WAS! Sami and EJ have their usual chat about being more than friends and then go on a picnic. EJ is charming in his pink shirt...why haven't they got back together yet?

Will and Chad get into a fight......kinda really hot actually. They were wrestling a bit and it got sexy. Some random cop pulls them apart, and Will apologizes that Chad's mom is a whore. Chad wants to know what the hell is going on so he goes to Maddie and doesn't find out much. She says she "worked" her way through school. Well okay technically she DID NOT LIE...she did WORK the streets people. Chad looks terrified to ever visit a hooker again in his life because he might run into his mother.

Nicole has a martini...thankfully. She spends the whole episode trying to figure out what EJ has on her. After the run in with Sami that got her nowhere, Stefano pays Nicole a visit. Amazingly enough Stefano just prior to this had been talking to EJ about the damn Sami situation and how stupid it is. Stefano used his lightning speed to zoom to the Brady pub in the next scene. Stefano tells Nicole she can either get out of town or go to jail, pretending that EJ does have information on her. After realizing she is being followed Nicole fakes getting attacked by EJ's goon, in the most hysterical way ever. She rips her shirt off and starts screaming like a banshee. Then she breaks into the DiMera mansion to find what EJ has on her. How the hell is it so easy to break into that place?

Justin hears little creepy Ciara's story about finding the wallets. He goes to confront Hope who is in her new black getup and when she hears that the little freak pins the whole thing on her, she makes out with Justin in order to get his attention off matters. EWWWWWWWWW. Adrienne catches Hope and Justin embracing post kiss, and even that is gross to watch. Hope sneaks out as Adrienne and Justin do paperwork, and meets up with Dick. She gives him a shopping list, and he realizes that something bad is going to happen to Bo. OR...and this is my theory....she wrote down Hot Pockets and he is shocked she eats....just a guess.

Previews: Melanie asks Carly if there a problem and Carly says yeah. They should just carry we hate Chloe signs and get on with this. All they talk about is CHLOE and DANIEL. When are these two going to bond over something mother-daughterish? The only thing they ever discuss is how Chloe sucks as a human, and while its great they moved on from Carly sucking as a human...TALK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY!

Chloe screams at Vivian that she ruined her life. Did she force you to sleep with Phillip? Yeah NOOOOOO. She just made you think your fiancee was cheating on you, and the fact you fell for it so fast...YOU ARE A MORON. Just take the blame, fess up, and have other men's babies like Sami.

Sami asks EJ if he's sure he has to go. Okay why is he not wearing the pink shirt? Did he change on the way to the park, and if he did..WHY DID WE NOT SEE THE SHIRT OFF? These are pressing questions.

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