Friday, July 23, 2010

The Crash Cart and the Restless

Hope injects air into Bo's IV, as he opens her eyes to see him do it. Dan and Carly unfortunately save Bo...actually Carly PANICS and Daniel shocks Bo back to life. I will say that watching Peter Reckell jerk out of that bed had to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Carly was crying, but REALLY she was laughing on the inside. Hope gets away and goes home to her little Satanic tattle tale of a daughter. She says she is sorry and she thinks Carly is onto her because she calls to tell her about Bo...yeah no they are not that smart. Hope says goodbye, perhaps just the crazier one, and goes to sleep in her ugly ass pajamas. Meanwhile Bo has a tube down his throat that he just decides to rip out, causing Carly to call him a stubborn man, when she REALLY means WTF did you just do? She should have put him in restraints. Bo just starts mumbling....that's what you get for being related to Roman..whose new hair is a scary thing of wonder.

Vivian is annoyed with Victor because he is meeting Maggie late at night again. You cannot stop the magic between Maggie and Victor. She calls Maggie a Red Headed Cow...just NO! Gus tries to take away her martini, but Ivan would have never done something so stupid. RUDE! She comes up with a plan to go to Chicago and buy Victor a bunch of Greek things...that has to be the lamest thing she's ever come up with. Gus wants to know what the hell she is thinking and where is the real Vivian. Vivian then comes up with an idea that she doesn't share with figures. During their flirtatious meeting, Maggie tells Victor they shouldn't be meeting anymore. She doesn't like the Vivian/Victor situation..can you blame her? Before Victor can say anything he gets the call about Bo, and Maggie insists on going with him to the hospital...awwww!

Rafe calls Nicole from a payphone with a voice distorter, but for some odd reason I could still tell it was him. LAME! He tells her he's got information about a drug deal and has her go to the Pier. While Nicole goes there, Rafe breaks into her room and finds her diary. The fact that Nicole has a diary..also Lame! Why would Nicole keep a book like that really? Nicole realizes it is a setup and calls EJ thinking he's behind it. Then she heads back to her room and can tell someone was there, however since her diary is still there she thinks it is just her being paranoid. Rafe copied the coded diary page and is excited to crack it. Okay the fact that Rafe thinks he can crack a code....No chance in hell and he should just pay someone to figure it out for Little Theo.

EJ and Sami flirt the entire episode and get nowhere as usual. He is all nice and regrets all the lies he has told Sami and hopes she never finds out because he will lose her. They talk about their past and blah blah blah...HAVE SEX ALREADY! EJ arranges for a family portrait, which I actually assumed he'd be a part of but Sami actually says to him OF COURSE you'll be in it. He kisses her goodnight and she goes to bed...they are moving too slow for my taste. Hurry up and get back together so that you have time before they break you up again!

Previews: Nathan tells Melanie that he is moving in with Stephanie. Based on Melanie's face she is as disgusted as I am. Why the hell would you move in with a girl you are clearly rebounding with? Also, Stephanie is annoying and you are better off just sleeping with the entire nursing staff, and I'm sure Chloe wouldn't mind giving it up now that she is pregnant! Play the field Nathan!

Justin tells Hope that Bo is in the hospital and was attacked. She looks sooooo concerned. The amazing thing is she had time from the night before to redo her hairstyle when she woke up. Is there anything that Hope cannot do? ......aside from eating obviously.

Carly asks Bo if he remembers who did this. Bo can't remember what he ate for breakfast and that is why he is the head of the police department. How amazing would it be if Bo blamed Carly like the rest of the town does? That would be amazing, and if you think about it, really is her fault because she was SUPPOSED to be with him and not at the hospital performing surgery. Wow they really make it easy to blame her for everything.

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