Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Bo and the Butthead who Cannot Kill Him

Hope is about to light Bo on fire, but Daniel interrupts her. Ass! I at least wanted to see Bo partially on fire, that would have been a fun stunt. Daniel does chest compressions, and wants Bo to live...I think he has a crush on him. Roman received an anonymous tip about going to Bo's place and arrives to see Daniel saving him. Hope has a gun and hides in the kitchen and no one thinks to SEARCH THE HOUSE! Hope goes mental when she questions Baker, and Carly goes cray cray and panics when Bo is brought in. By panics I mean PANIC!!! Bo has the worst taste in women apparently. Also, I loved how professional Carly behaved, she's exactly who I want to be in a crisis with! Roman, Daniel, and Carly talk about how Bo will make it, but they wonder who would try to burn him alive. Hope sneaks into his room and talks about killing him again. Can she eventually get it right?

EJ and Nicole agree to terms of the blackmail as Rafe listens in, but doesn't hear the good stuff of course. Sami is still having sex dreams about Rafe, thus proving she is a horny bitch. Rafe shows up and tells her that he overheard EJ and Nicole planning a truce. Sami thinks he is just jealous, and ignores what he says completely. These two really suck right now. Move on, and forget the bitch Rafe. EJ lies about where he was, but he does tell Sami the truth that he was with Nicole. Smart move, FINALLY! Sami fears she is up to something, and EJ plays off the whole meeting as nothing important. Sami lets EJ know Marlena is selling the townhouse and that she'd like to stay with him. EJ smiles like a little boy looking at his first Playboy. Have sex already!

After visiting with EJ, Nicole tells Dick that they are in the clear. He wants to know how that's possible, but she just tells him that she is persuasive. She also realizes that Dick has feelings for his mugger friend and is shocked a bit, but eventually says her goodbyes and that she will miss him. Is the fun banter between these two really over? Okay that sucks! Nicole heads to the Brady Pub, where Rafe is drinking. He listens in on her conversation and has the bartender spill a drink on Nicole to distract her. RUDE and that jerk better pay for her dry cleaning. Rafe goes through her stuff and just finds her address where he will investigate further. Rafe mentioned his "half a brain" today.....could he finally be using it...I give him another 3 months of wasting time.

Chloe has the same conversation with Carly as always. Chloe is to blame, but its also Carly's fault. They come to the SAME DAMN CONCLUSION that Carly won't say anything unless the baby is NOT Daniel's. Glad we went over that all over again. Carly gets called away for a consult...unfortunately not a fashion consult because she is still wearing those ugly unfitted scrubs. Chloe meets up with Father Matt and explains that she is an even bigger hot mess than he suspected. She lets him know she is pregnant and he loos like he wants to just give up the priesthood so he doesn't have to listen to this bitch anymore. He should leave the Church for Caroline and they should judge people in private. YES! Chloe needs to join twitter and announce to all her followers she had an affair. She's told enough people and really needs to stop.

Previews: Sami asks EJ what he's talking about. Is she having trouble understanding his accent all of a sudden? I repeat..SHUT UP and HAVE SEX! Also, EJ needs to have shirtless sex...Days cannot pull a fast one on me.

Nicole is on the phone and says Oh My God it's a trap. Wow Rafe or EJ screwed up again...NO WAY?! I cannot believe that Nicole got out of a trap, because that almost NEVER happens. Also, I've never seen Nicole drink, so I think she should get more beverages on the show. Thank You Days.

Carly yells at Daniel to get the crash cart! EVERYONE PANIC!!!!!! BO IS GOING TO DIE!!!! WHY ARE WE YELLING?!!! And I thought Daniel was supposed to handle this and not Carly, why didn't he throw her out of the room? Carly has been having trouble in these high pressure situations. Also, the irony of her saving Bo when he is just going to leave her for Hope anyway. FUN TIMES!

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