Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Old Whores and Their Restless Children..and Grandchildren

Will overhears Kate and Maddie's WHORE conversation. The two women agree to secrecy but Stefano rolls up all Dapper Donish and wants to know what's going on. He thinks its cute the whores are so protective of each other. Whores got to stick together. Will overhears Chad hitting on Gaby...still have NO IDEA why he is doing this. Chad and Will start fighting, and Chad hits a nerve when he brings up Sami's multiple pregnancies with different men. Will takes this time to inform Chad that his mother is a...say it with me folks...WHORE. I prefer PROSTITUTES/HOOKERS because that makes it clear they get paid. Kate comments how much she enjoys that Stefano and Will are bonding, and how Will will intern for him. This is allllllll soooooo obviously pointing in a certain direction. It ends with I TOLD YA SO!

So its the morning and Vivian is drinking already. Thank goodness. Meanwhile Victor is getting his groove on over at Maggie's. He is hitting on her, but she seems to be unconsciously playing hard to get. Vivian crashes the party and ruins the silly banter, but then engages in a snippy conversation with Maggie. Maggie makes "Betty Crocker look like Lady Gaga." And its lines like these that make me love Vivian more. Vivian leaves pissed, and runs into Jennifer. She somehow thinks its a smart move to bring up Lawrence's death, and Jen FREAKS on her. Vivian thinks Jen should clearly get over that little rape incident already. Jen tells Vivian to go to hell and then leaves Salem. WHY CAN'T YOU STAY??!!

Nicole wants Dick and his partner to target EJ again. Yes Baker isn't a moron and says no way. Nicole tries to bribe him but it is clear Dick has a thing for Hope and will not help Nicole or tell her who his partner is. She realizes she is getting nowhere with Dick and says goodbye...to Dick. If they never see each other again I'm going to miss all the Dick and Nic jokes.

Bo is coloring with Ciara, and the detective cannot find her crayon. Hope comes over and if it's at all possible she has gotten thinner. WTF. The two of them discuss the mugging case, and Hope is actually dumb enough to believe that Arianna really is the mugger. Bo thinks the whole thing is strange, and has to listen to Hope talk about hating men. Meanwhile Jen and Carly are having a goodbye chat, that is actually about nothing for a while. Until finally Jen brings up that Carly is just going to get hurt because Bo and Hope are stupid for each other. Carly says she knows...oh well okay then. Side Note: Carly Manning is now dressing like she is going on safari. The woman gets screwed every which way apparently

Hope tells Bo she wants to move ahead with the divorce. Carly comes over and interrupts them thank GOD. Carly apologizes for absolutely nothing, because we all know everything is her fault. Bo blames himself...and that only took about eight months thanks. Carly thinks Bo does not want to get divorced, and he does not want to discuss Hope with her anymore. Its very romantic that they are drinking beers by the way. So Sexy! Then after months of never getting around to it, Carly decides it is time to get into detail about cray cray Hope experience. Bo agrees that Hope is a big weirdo. Meanwhile, Justin and Ciara decide its time to color, while Hope gets some much needed sleep....try gaining 30 pounds and you won't be so tired. The little creeper tells Justin that her mommy has his wallet. Upstairs, Hope becomes cray cray Hope once again after taking the sleeping pills...Bring on the Bumpit!

Previews: Caroline asks Sami how deeply she is getting into this with EJ? Well not deep enough apparently because the hot dude still has his shirt on. Can we stop with this Caroline business by the way, the lady is rude.

EJ tells Stefano that she's not going to find out what he did. True, Nicole finds out. This storyline is so dragged out that I don't even care if Sami EVER finds out because this has been ridiculous.

Hope is on the phone, and says She's Backkkkkkk! Personally I am horrified. Cray Cray Hope is way way BORING! This could have been SUCH a better storyline.

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