Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guiding Daniel..Towards Nudity

Phillip and Chloe come up with some lame excuse that they were hiding from Daniel that he knew about the baby. Daniel gets upset with Chloe for spending so much time with Phillip, and asks her to distance herself from him. Okay NOW he does this? The guy has always been up in her business and now it bugs him. So Daniel dislikes Phillip because he is jealous, and Chloe agrees to stay away from him. She tells him Vivian set her up, but she calms him down and ALMOST tells him the truth. She says she feels like she betrayed him....because you did you moron! They have sex..at least they are both topless. Daniel is going to sing in the shower...why the hell did they not show us that part?? Ratings boost!

Melanie sets up Brady and Arianna to be half naked at the same place at the same time. Okay sorry I think these two are lame now. Go your separate ways for awhile or something because it's become irritating. The only time they are interesting is when they are having sex. They have the same conversation over again about it being over. Arianna...go have sex with EJ...thank you! Brady..thank you for being shirtless for 10 seconds. Please do this more, thanks.

EJ tells Nicole the evidence she has against him won't be admissible in court. Although all she really has to do is get an expert to do a test on it to prove its not doctored. HELLO! She dangles the truth in front of Sami, but of course Sami acts like a rude 5 year old and starts yelling at Nicole for all her lies. EJ just looks crabby the whole time. Nicole calls Arianna to the docks and it seems the whole damn town is there to hear her announcement. Yeah like she's going to announce that EJ is a kidnapper on the news. Righttttt. Next thing you know Chloe will demand a paternity test on air. Yeahhh rightttt.

Melanie tells Phillip about the Vivian encounter and he's angry. He brought her flowers and tells her its their 5 month anniversary. He also admits he let it slip that he knew Chloe is pregnant and Melanie reminds him they should not lie. Awww the poor cheater looks upset. Melanie brings up Vivian because she wants to move out of Maggie's and find a real house, with an extra room. First off I likes how Melanie was like.."let's look for houses" as if she was going to get more than one. Phillip is freaking out she wants a house with a nursery...um you should be more concerned she finds out you might already have a second kid stopping by the house. They agree that kids will be in the future and not now. Well thank God for that because then there would be babies everywhere!!

Previews: EJ holds a microphone saying that Nicole is a pathological liar. Well So are YOU, and half the damn town! You should freak everyone out and say something like she is not a natural blonde.

Adrienne tells Hope that something is definitely not right, and it's her. Well DUH! Hope is insane and I'm glad someone's noticed. Also, liking Justin and kissing him..Not exactly sane behavior.

Justin tells Bo he wants to talk to him about Hope. Really? Can you talk about sports like normal men? This Justin and Hope crap has to go away. Also, why on Earth would the guy who wants to get with a woman talk to her soon to be ex husband. BACK OFF!

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