Monday, July 5, 2010

All My Shirtless Hot Teenagers

Kate tells Madeline she won't tell Stefano anything and they discuss their pasts. It was very kinky actually, and I'm not sure that was what they were going for but WEIRD sexual tension. Kate went from being annoyed at Maddie to being "very fond" of her. WHAT THE HELL?! Kate recruited Madeline into being a WHORE..(I TOLD YA'LL SO) and Maddie's all like YAY that was fun times! Luckily Will is in the hallway and hears everything. Think of all the Whore Stories now.

Speaking of Will.....HOT DAMN. And by "hot damn" I am referring to his body and not the orange glow he bathed in. Chad is also half-naked. BEST PART OF THE SHOW! However, I did not need to see Kinsey in a bikini. I don't even like her in regular clothing. Selena Gomez now has a crush on Will or is using him to make Chad jealous and its working. Great a Chad/Will/Gaby love triangle....can Chad and Will be gay because there is NO WAY they can be interested in Gaby! Team CHILL!

Arianna gets bailed out of prison by EJ. Her and Brady break up all over again and he warns her that EJ is Satan. No Satan is Ciara, EJ is just a jackass sometimes. Arianna wants to thank EJ for all he has done...aka LET'S HAVE SEX SOON! Brady is still trying to find stuff out about the muggings but this is Brady...don't expect a miracle. He then defends Nicole to move there buddy. He should really write a book about "How Not to Act.."

Shane and Kimberly get back together. Yeah that is all I really got on that one. Maybe Kim will come back with a newer face next time and Shane will bring "the Nanny" on board. Glad they are reunited but it was just weird how they did that all. Rafe and Shane have another MOMENT. Rafe decides he wants to stay in Salem and asks the FBI for time there. Anyone who WANTS to live and stay in Salem...Got Problems!

EJ threatens to expose Nicole for being the mugger...I just want EJ to expose himself please. Rafe bugs Nicole the ENTIRE episode and poor Nicole cannot get away with being a liar because she has two hot men annoying her and neither want to sleep with her. THAT's RUDE! Nicole wants Brady to move on from Arianna, but again...NO LUCK there.

Previews: Hope and Bo discuss the case....that he took her off of. These two really know how to annoy the crap out of me. Get your shit together. They cannot even separate correctly or get back together correctly. Make up yo minds!!

Jennifer wants to talk to Carly about Bo and Hope, and Carly looks LESS than thrilled with the subject matter. Bitch can't catch a break either. Why doesn't Jennifer just ask Carly to talk about Lawrence the RAPIST while we are at it? Or better yet...bring up where Nicky might be thanks!

Nicole tells Baker that she will stop him (EJ) for good. Well according to my Soap Opera Digest over here, she does find out about the kidnapping. I enjoy watching EJ get his balls caught in a vice, but can the guy just be shirtless when he gets caught

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