Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Bo to Light On Fire

Sami goes to see Rafe for no good reason really then to drop off his mail. LAME! Marlena is selling her place, and I guess throwing out her ungrateful daughter. So Sami will be staying with EJ permanently. Sami tells Rafe that EJ told her he loves her and her kids deserve a family. That's great that she decided this NOW! Rafe's new assistant shows up and she's about 18 years old and cute. Sami looks annoyed that they gave the job they wanted to a fetus. Okay for the last time, MOVE ON, have sex with the British guy and then find out he is scum, because this whole thing is taking WAY too long.

Speaking of pointless stories, Arianna visits EJ and fires him! I just love Hernandez days! (This is SARCASM). EJ says he isn't leaving Salem and will find find a way to clear her. I honestly cannot pay attention to these two when they have their clothing on. Also, Lindsay will be leaving the show, as she was let go today. Hopefully she gets a sex scene with James Scott because that would personally make e feel better. I'll miss you Lindsay, and think its shameful they treated you like Theresa from Passions.

Nicole and Brady discuss his feelings for Arianna, for the 90 millionth time. If my ex kept discussing this with me I would kill him. Brady just wants to be friends with Nicole...still wondering if he can be a shirtless friend. He is obsessed with helping Theresa, I mean Arianna right now. Another storyline going nowhere....Brady and Nicole need appropriate distractions, and THEN get back together if that is what Days is planning.

Hope drugs Bo, and she might be the creepiest bitch on the planet. She is drinking fluids and will be introducing baby food into her diet very soon. Bo asks how she would feel if he left Carly and had her and the little creeper move back in. Hope stalls and tries to stop Bo from drinking his drugged coffee. He is wondering WTF is going on. I'm also confused how this version of Hope called Carly her hero the other day, but today when she discusses her she hates her again. This bitch needs shock therapy, which could include Carly chasing her with jumper cables for all I care. Eventually Bo passes out, and Hope likes him when he's unconscious...what a compliment about Bo's sexual performance. Hope goes to see Dick to get her top secret supplies: Matches and a Gas Can....really? She is going to burn down the house with Bo in it. She pours gasoline all over Bo, around the house, and then plans on throwing some matches on him. This is LOVE, and with all that body hair Bo will go up in flames!

Nicole meets EJ at the pier, to blackmail him for all eternity....yeah about 3 months. EJ yells at Nicole so loudly that I actually got startled, and I think Ari Zucker was generally fearful as well. EJ assumes Nicole wants him to lose Arianna's case and get her thrown in jail. Nicole surprises him with the news she actually wants Arianna cleared of the charges, and he realizes this is all for Brady. If Brady investigates Arianna's case he will learn Nicole set her up. Rafe arrives and starts to listen in on their convo, but knowing Rafe he will have hearing troubles and stumble out of the bushes before he hears anything good.

Previews: Rafe overhears Nicole and EJ talking about keeping a secret. Great knowing Rafe it will only take another couple of months before he realizes the truth. His ears are not directly connected to his brain, and cannot put things together that quickly.

Sami is still being annoying. Are we really surprised? The lady is leading two grown men on, and she cannot make up her mind. Just pick one! She always makes bad decisions, but this time she is just doing nothing and doing her heavy breathing thing which is getting really sad. A horny Sami is not an attractive sight!

Daniel tries to save Bo as Hope is pointing a gun behind the door. A real woman would shoot Daniel causing the fire to start, and then you are home free. This lady's plans suck though! Seriously of ALL people to stop by Bo's house, it's Daniel? Oh please! Roman or Abe would have made more sense, and I say lock them all up in that house and torch it! Hope mugged people and got away with it, but she can't even light a match?! DAMN!

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  1. Too funny!! Right now I'm watching Days just to read your updates. Please send them some good plot ideas LIKE NOW.


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