Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Boobs and the Beautiful Shirtless Men

Okay Vivian stole the show today. She tells Chloe she is an airhead, wimp, she cannot find her ass with a map, she has big boobs...I think Vivian reads my play by play. Chloe realizes Vivian was behind the whole thing, and it only took about a month for her to get that. Go Chloe! Vivian is mad that Chloe couldn't kill Carly, which is funny because Vivian cannot even kill Carly when she tries. Carly stumbles upon the two women arguing and has it out with Vivian for manipulating Chloe. Then Carly blames herself. Okay, wow Carly Manning blaming Carly Manning again. This story is going in circles. Carly is not only also responsible for the muggings, she was responsible for EJ kidnapping Sydney as well.

Melanie and Carly eat ice cream and also dish about the big boobed wonder Chloe Lane. Carly doesn't tell her daughter anything good, so Melanie thinks they should just forget Chloe and MOVE ON. This is the DAUGHTER giving the MOTHER the good advice. Makes perfect sense. Daniel comes over to see his daughter after a long sex session with Chloe...not gross at all. He discusses children and appears to want to explain to Melanie where baby comes from. Melanie buys a "I'm the Big Sister" t-shirt...maybe she thinks that everyone is as dumb as Chloe and it needed to be explained. She also gets him a baby book, and starts to cry because secretly I believe she wants Daniel to fill a baby book for her.

EJ and Sami are having their picnic, which is sponsored by Chex Mix. She spills stuff on him, and EJ goes SHIRTLESS. THANK YOU...FINALLY! Also, thanks for ruining that pink shirt finally. Sydney kind of sort of checks her dad out and Sami feels judged by Sydney for doing the same. Gabi thanks EJ for defending Arianna, as Sami wonders who wrecked Will's face. Gaby is bonding with the family...ewww and she sings in Spanish...more eww. Will and his mother discuss her love life after EJ leaves to go see Stefano. Yes, Will defended his mother in a fight, only to currently tell her she is a walking disaster...nice Will.

Stefano runs into Theo and Lexie at the PIER and gives Theo a model boat as a gift. Abe and Lexie worry that Stefano is becoming involved in Theo's life. They should not even care because Stefano is fun times, and the kids just love him. He is like an Italian well dressed Santa Claus. Nicole is snooping around the mansion, finds her sonogram and starts to cry. She hides out in the living room, and Stefano and EJ begin discussing Nicole, Arianna, and Samantha. Nicole looks like she needs booze. She starts recording the conversation when Stefano talks business, and the two men reveal that EJ was behind the kidnapping all along. Nicole now officially has EJ's balls in a vice. That was easy.

Previews: Stephanie says she knows Phillip and knows he is hiding something. Phillip is really surrounded by Terrible women. His one night stand won't shut up. His wife is overly excited and always asking questions. His ex-fiance is a nosy bitch who is failing at being a bitch. Maybe I am biased....because Phillip is hot...but Poor Phillip.

Chloe tells Carly that she thinks she was really trying to destroy her. Yes she is Chloe. Carly is looking for where to let the air out of your body. These two becoming friends may make me ill.

Nicole tells EJ that she did what she had to do to protect herself and look where they are. Um, they are in the SAME exact position they were months ago really. I hope Sydney grows up and smacks all these people around. Now Nicole is going to blackmail EJ and we will be tortured for God knows how long. At least she is not wearing a wig.

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