Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Old People Shouldn't Be Restless

Quick Recap for today:

Rafe and Sami discuss the same stuff they always discuss. Looks like her and EJ are getting closer because of Rafe's inability to actually make any sense! They bond over Johnny being a evil little child for playing his parents against each other. He might be my new favorite DiMera. EJ agrees to give Nicole cash to shut her up and she says goodbye to Dick, the man not the "ya know." Nicole moves her evidence against EJ before Rafe, who COULD NOT HAVE POSSIBLY figured out that code, goes to the locker location.

Hope doesn't remember kissing Justin, and why would she he is boring! She tells him she needs time and space, and Justin should just go back to Adrienne who actually really loves him! Bo leaves the hospital and returns home with Carly where she helps him relax. Hope walks in and I'm just waiting for Billie to show up to offer Bo a foot massage. Why does this dude have women all over him? Hope stays as Carly, who is NOT CERTIFIED to be doing hypnosis, helps Bo try to remember events. He flashbacks to the Fancy Face days on that boat. Luckily Bo is beardless but he has longer hair than most female viewers. Carly asks him to remember the events from the night of the attack. Hope is excited to hear what he remembers. I really dislike this story!

Brady visits his sponsor Maggie to discuss his accidental relapse. Maggie warns Brady to stay away from Nicole, and he is annoyed she is putting her two cents in. Honestly, it isn't Maggie's business but she is right that Nicole is just bad news for Brady. Nicole calls and wants to meet up with Brady. On his way to see her he runs into Dick, the man not the "ya know." Maggie talks to Victor about how she worries about Brady. Unfortunately the conversation takes a turn when she reminds Victor to stay away. Best storyline on the show!! Suzanne made me want to cry today when she reminds Victor that he is a married man. John and her are making this story exciting and fun to watch.

Previews: Brady tells Nicole that Dick has to pay. He has to go down. Dick has to go down. It's like the dirty jokes just write themselves folks!

Sami asks EJ if he is proposing. If you have to ask then clearly he didn't do it right or you are a moron. Knowing it is Sami it probably means she is a moron.

Carly asks Bo what he remembers. If he starts talking about Hope I might throw up. And by Hope I mean the old one who weighed a normal weight and wasn't a psychopath. Bo takes forever to remember shit and make a decision. Rude Bo!

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