Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hope Needs to be Taken to General Hospital

Hope...Just when I think this lady could not get any more ridiculous. She gets annoyed Bo and Carly are making out, and then gives Carly a lecture about making out with her husband in public. Bo and her talk and he's wondering if they can work something are SLEEPING WITH CARLY! Hope admits it was a mistake to want to get divorced, and the bitch admits she was wrong...THANKS. Carly can "read" Bo's body language that something is wrong. She is a genius. Bo can tell there is something messed up with Hope, and Carly agrees. Bo doesn't know who Hope is anymore...she's a woman who wears butt ugly pajamas that's what. She's popping pills like candy...those better be weight inducing. Adrienne tells Bo that Hope is INSANE too with her recent lies about kissing Justin. Hope runs into Carly and is like HEYYYYY HOW ARE YOU?! Carly not only looks confused, she looks like the bumpit scares her.

Chad asks Kate about his mom's past. Really hoping Kate doesn't get cougarish with Chad, I just don't think I can handle that. Kate is shocked and calls Maddie to warn her about Chad asking questions. Maddie tells Chad about how the nominating process is going to take its toll on the family. She tells him he has to learn how to be discreet. Chad realizes that Kate called Maddie to warn her. Okay Chad is really smart..what the hell is he doing in Salem? Kate interrogates Charlie from Empty Nest and realizes he is NOT the one who told Chad. Chad can tell when his mother is lying, and he calls her a WHORE! Maddie is probably going to smack him because they are called WORKING GIRLS Chad!

Sami doesn't want to hear what Nicole has to say, not a huge surprise. She wants to hear the truth from EJ...well Sami we don't always get what we want. So Sami gives him the opportunity to tell the truth and EJ doesn't take it. Instead he plans a family vacation, and Sami remind him that the kids she has are walking disasters who cannot travel. She refuses to go away with EJ, but still takes the time to flirt with the dude. EJ is turned on and calls Marco to bring Nicole over.

Victor is on a roll in the advice department. He tells Brady he supports him, but is glad he broke up with Adrienne. Victor only buys his drugs from high class dealers, and he has no need for muggers in the home. Later on, Victor is drinking Martinis....Nicole was a good influence on him. He tells Justin to stay away from her again. Justin is worried about her, but Victor thinks Bo is just a superjerk. He says Hope is fine, and Justin should just back off. Okay he is half right. One big question: WHERE IS MAGGIE?!

Nicole goes to Brady for help and she tells him the TRUTH. WHAT SHOW IS THIS?! Got ya! Just a dream....CRAP! I was hoping Brady would kill EJ and they'd both end up shirtless somehow. Nicole just fantasizes about telling the truth. Although it's very funny how much smarter Brady is in Nicole's dream. He really put everything together a DREAM. Nicole decides not to tell him the truth because she's afraid he will realize that she framed Arianna. Brady is not this smart, and I think the alcohol is finally effecting her brain. Brady thinks he can trust don't do drugs kids.

Previews: Kate sees Stefano in a hospital bed and asks Lexie if he is dead. Normally dead people are not propped up like that and looking oh ALIVE. He looks like he is napping. WTF is Kate looking at? Also, IS SHE NEW IN TOWN? Stefano does not die!

Nicole tells Brady that IT was the biggest regret of her life. Her whole life is regrets so she could be talking about anything. My money is on the wig! I mean I can forgive kidnapping a baby yo love, but that wig...GIRLLLLLL you needed help.

Arianna asks EJ if he is in some kind of trouble. So basically everyone is taking stupid pills this episode. And HOW LONG do I have to wait for these two to get together? It's just sex and you have to pay EJ back somehow!

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