Tuesday, July 20, 2010

As Hope Gets Thinner

Bo walks into his home to find Hope looking like a secret spy/streetwalker. She comes up with the lame excuse she is dressed for undercover work. She calls him Beauregard and kisses him, making him even more confused. All of a sudden he wants to be there for her, but its bogus because why didn't he do this months ago?! Love how he comments how she looks different. FEED HOPE! He makes her emotional and she seems to remember the good times, and then Carly calls and ruins everything! Bo makes them some coffee, takes a call from Roman, and Hope slips drugs into his coffee. Can this stuff make him cooler like it does for Hope? I'd like to see Bo start wearing black dresses with red lipstick.

Nathan and Stephanie are soooooo excited to move in together. Yeah I'm not thrilled.
Stephanie tells Adrienne about Nathan's plans to move in, and the two talk about how "great" everything is, which means that things are going to SUCK for Stephanie. Now I'm thrilled. Melanie enjoys some Hershey's Bliss (BUY SOME FOLKS!) and her and Phil talk about the same old stuff, and she continues to make Phil feel guilty about cheating without even realizing it. Melanie is in the kitchen wearing only Phil's shirt and Nathan walks in, and the three share an uncomfortable moment. Nathan shouldn't have stayed around so long, and their uncomfortable moments are getting annoying. Stephanie just needs to be a major huge bitch already, and sabotage shit like this from happening. OMG call Nicole!

Chloe comes up with some lame excuse for the Father Matt fiasco, and Daniel stops pressuring her eventually for answers. Chloe has "issues": which means Chloe is a major dumb ho who needs therapy and a puppy, not a baby. After they have sex, Daniel asks what she wants to do as far as the wedding is concerned. Chloe tells Daniel she doesn't want to get married right away and Daniel says WTF?! Daniel flips out and doesn't understand why Chloe has been wish-washy for months. OBVIOUSLY she is hiding something from you Doc! I feel like once the truth comes out, Daniel is so dumb he still won't get it.

Charles blames Chad for Madeline's death. Well that's just rude. He calls him a son of a bitch and a bastard. Ironically those are all terms that actually apply to Chad's situation. Stefano, Kate and Lexie try to comfort Chad, but he insists on blaming himself for his mother's death. Stefano feels bad about the situation as it reminds him of his relationship with Tony, but he is happy the Madeline chapter of his life is over...Kate's like..um NOT REALLY?! Lexie explains that Maddie suffered from aneurysms, but both Chad and his dad feel Chad is to blame. Charles is a prick and can he die next? Chad tells Kate that Charles never acted like a father to him..with Kate muttering..THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT! Okay getting my "I told you so" ready for the big announcement!! HAHA!

Previews: Nicole tells EJ that she's going to blackmail him until the end of time. On this show the end of time could be early September...or perhaps SWEEPS WEEK?! When is she going to ask him to stop being Arianna's lawyer? That would be a good blackmail thing to do. Why am I the one who is coming up with better storylines?!

Sami yells at Rafe that "He loves me." Guessing she means EJ, and I'm not sure but I think that subject is kind of a bad one to bring up to RAFE of all people. If that is her way of making Rafe jealous, Sami should just go back to her roots and roofie Rafe and sleep with him. At this point that is the only way they are getting back together.

Hope tells Bo that he betrayed her. I liked cray cray Hope until she became a whiny mess. Now she is just regular Hope with a bumpit. Can she just set him on fire already? This lady mugged people in a minute but it is taking her forever to set the guy on fire. P.S Do not call him Beauregard or sing a song ever again. Thanks Hope.

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