Monday, July 12, 2010

One Tape Recorder to Crush

Carly makes a deal with Chloe that she will NOT tell Daniel about her affair if the baby is Daniel's. How is this a good idea? Carly realizes she is screwed as well because Melanie and Daniel will know she has been hiding a big secret from them too. She sees Daniel and he thanks her for being a good friend. She feels guilty and says what she is doing is illegal and this is not a medical case you are working on...this is YOUR LIFE. It is not illegal...its just WRONG! Melanie can tell something is wrong but Carly just continues to lie for Chloe. So instead of staying out of the whole thing, Carly insinuated herself further, making her own life more miserable. Good Job Manning!

Phillip finds out Chloe is pregnant from Melanie. He is asking all about Chloe's birth plan and this of course makes Melanie suspicious. I was waiting for him to bring up Lamaze and a hospital emergency kit at this point. He goes to see Chloe and is angry with her for the situation, and not telling him the truth. After he points out how big a moron she is, what to do about Carly, Phillip says he will be there for Chloe if she needs him. He will be a father to the baby, and he considers telling Melanie. Chloe thinks this is insane and that it should be kept quiet, and of course Daniel walks in looking pissed. Daniel don't like Phillip probably because he is Chloe's ex boyfriend, former brother in law, former uncle, and future son-in-law. Yeah that's right folks!

Vivian stops to annoy Daniel at the hospital, and then decides to pay Melanie a visit. Melanie wants her to get the hell out of there after Vivian asks her and Phillip to move back to the mansion. Melanie is less than thrilled and says that Vivian is insane if she thinks that is going to happen. Vivian takes it as a compliment, and then tells her how horrible Carly is. Carly has ruined Lawrence, Bo, and now Melanie's life. Don't forget about Nicky, and Victor, and actually the whole damn town hates her. She warns Melanie that she let her into her life, and that she will regret trusting Carly who will ruin Melanie's life eventually. Yeah we are really headed into that direction aren't we? LORD!

Sami runs into a shirtless Rafe and does her whole heavy breathing routine. Why is Sami always horny? Rafe finds the penguin, which somehow managed to find itself in a random bush. Rafe misses the kids, and they miss him...probably because he paid attention to them. Gaby interrupts the two of them getting nowhere, and she tries to explain to her brother that Sami wants to be with him. Rafe doesn't think anything of it, but probably will when he has this conversation in the near future with half the damn town.

Nicole confronts EJ with the evidence she has on him. EJ does not think she has evidence, but then Nicole whips out her tape recorder. EJ crushes it and stomps on it with his foot and now Nicole has to get a new one at Radio Shack. Poor EJ has pooped his pants like Phillip did when he found out Chloe was pregnant. The guys in nice suits are having a bad day. Nicole points out that she has copies of the tape, along with letters explaining everything. He wants to know her price, and she just wants to make him suffer for what he did to her and Sami. EJ looks like he wants to cry but instead of doing that he decides it would be a better idea to just kill Nicole. GOOD PLAN! Sami walks in on them, and Nicole rushes over for some girl talk.

Previews: Chloe tells Phillip that they need to tell him the truth, as Daniel looks on. Yeah the "truth." I love the "truth," especially when it makes a story even longer to the point that I have gone through significant weight gains or loss. By the time they tell him the "truth" the kid will be the way where is Chad?

Melanie gets in Brady and Arianna's business and asks them to tell her they don't love each other any more. If I were them I'd grab Melanie and throw her in the ocean and tell her to mind her business. I like Melanie and Brady time, however, don't involve yourself with two morons who only get along when they are having sex.

Nicole tells Sami that EJ is trying to stop her from telling Sami what he did all on his own. Okay, its not like Sami is going to believe anything Nicole says and this will be a big waste of time. Actually it is really just a time to see EJ ruin his pink shirt with pit stains, and set a Guinness World Record for consecutive blinking. EJ and Nicole...Days of Our Rage.

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