Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Rehashing and the Restless

DAY 224 of Chloe/Daniel watch is in effect. She STILL won't tell him the truth. Baby Sydney will be 25 by the time she tells Daniel she cheated. Carly stays out of it, after she wanted to butt in for the 118th time. Nicole tells Chloe to fight back, but to chill out with the cray cray eyes and the acting a fool. Nicole is already questioning why she is friends with Chloe. Daniel is just very WTF about everything. He asks Chloe again what she is lying about but we get NOTHING! He was too deaf to even hear her screaming about cheating, and Chloe is too busy calling Carly a bitch to realize her dress is ugly.

Rafe wants Arianna to fire EJ. Then she has to explain to him that when people are in jail, they hire things called lawyers to help them when their good for nothing FBI connected brothers can't get them out of jail. EJ later on calls Rafe impotent, which MIGHT be true considering he slept with Sami during her fertile years and NOTHING. Maybe he was sneaky and wore protection? Rafe walks up on Nicole talking to Dick on the phone at the end of the show. Which means he either heard her...OR...Rafe is going to waste our time for another two months.

Phillip tells Melanie all about Pocket storyline. She looked as disinterested and UNAMUSED as I did years ago. WHO NAMES A KID POCKET? That just proves Kayla and Patch are not fit to raise children. Pocket is off living it up under his birth name Tyler THANK GOD! Phillip should at least win an award for parents for getting his original name back. Also love how Phillip was READY to be a dad to Claire but not this kid, WHATEVER still annoyed! Anyway this is setting up Phillip to be the dad, so GAG me. Mel and Phil decide to have kids when the time is right....preferably when she is old enough to not spaz out.

Shane tells Kimberly he has resigned from the ISA ...Salem's version of the CIA but more secret and they always get themselves caught. Kimberly with her melodramatic foot stomping reads the paper, and Shane seems to convince her that he wants to stay with her and be with his family. Mr. Sheffield would be proud.

EJ tells Sami he loves her again. Sami gives EJ the we are just friends speech.....who do it occasionally. EJ calls her out for being a lying pain in the ass, which causes turns Sami on apparently. The whole show was Sami panting at EJ and turning him down, via asthma attack?! She was seriously breathing harder than a Biggest Loser contestant after a Jillian Michael's workout. The kinky Days music, her panting, and EJ whispering with that accent equaled a Days of Our Lives EJAMI ORGASM. Was it sexier than a sex scene? YES....did it accomplish anything between them? NO! However I needed a glass of water like Ali Sweeney did after he was done with her.

Previews: Madeline tells Kate that if she tells Stefano the secret, lives will be destroyed. I love destroyed lives...especially when they are secrets that I have exposed MONTHS AGO! The real cliffhanger...what will Stefano call Chad after he finds out its his kid...Chad just doesn't have a Italian ring to it and there is no nickname. DAMN!

EJ tells Arianna that one false move and then they have her. By the time Nicole makes a false move Arianna will be getting a lethal injection for mugging annoying men in town. Send the bitch back to jail, maybe a second trip will make her more interesting because the first time didn't really work.

Nicole asks what is EJ up to? Stop talking to yourself, and stop talking to Chloe. You want to know what EJ is up to...HE TOLD YOU! He is looking for PROOF that you are guilty...STOP WONDERING!

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