Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All My Creepy Children

SeeWhoreA and Hope are getting ready for school. The little devil child is stealing wedding magazines because they start them young on this show. SeeWhoreA calls her mommy out on Uncle Justin being her new Daddy. The freak even gets her own flashback! She must be Hope's daughter if she is having flashbacks so young. At this rate, SeeWhoreA is a more convincing mugger than her own mother.

Carly and Daniel talk about his eyeball problems. Carly has an idea about how to fix his problems. Voting to gouge out the other eye so he stops complaining and making me dizzy with the cross eyed look.

Nicole and Chloe are PIER walking as opposed to street walking. Chloe makes a bad joke about Carly coming over in a Teddy serving her sticky buns....that's only on Sundays! Vivian is stalking Nicole and Chloe who are bashing Carly some more on their way to breakfast. Guessing no one told them that Liking Carly is now the IN thing to do. Nicole and Carly need to go for martinis and hug it out.

Hope thinks SeeWhoreA dreamt about this conversation. The little freak runs out of the room in a creepy way. Hope then gets a phone call and forgets about the accident that left the room. She learns Abe was attacked and is angered she is just finding out. Well to be fair you were probably THERE committing the crime so shame on you for forgetting.

Nicole and Chloe are at the Pub, and WTF is Nicole wearing? Blind over here. Nicole got the job of roving reporter from Phillip. Why, I have no idea? Nicole reminds Chloe of her days on television when Kate tried to poison her. Good storyline....bad follow through! Nicole wonders if Daniel is worth all this...short answer NAH! Although the man is fine in that I'll sleep with you after I shave you way. Gus finds Vivian spying on them, and goes over her schedule. She wants someone to drive a stake through that vampire Carly Manning's heart, but yet she lacks one. Vivian just confused herself, and also reads the Twilight books.

Hope is upset that no one reached her to tell her about Abe. She blames everyone else but herself..not surprised! Abe and Hope talk about the mugging. Lexie says that Abe could have died if hit a few inches to the side...*whispers* we all know Hope has bad aim. Hope assumes that the mugger is a MAN...well in certain lighting she does look.....okay nevermind.

Arianna comes over to the mansion to see Brady and Victor is there instead, giving her a hard time. Ari got a job as the Reporter's assistant, not realizing Nicole is the reporter. Victor reminds her he is the TITAN of Titan and that was an unfortunate line. He says he cannot wait until Nicole and Arianna go head to head over Brady. Does Victor forget all the bad stuff Nicole has done? Surprised he has not tried to remove Nicole from town instead of giving her jobs.

Nicole puts more doubt in Chloe's head. She tells her to watch her back...which confuses Chloe even more because she cannot see her back. Carly has a friend named Dr. Yang....hopefully she has not had sex with this one. She has arranged a surgery for Daniel despite his objections to doing so. He agrees to go along with it and she gives him a bear hug. It was a Kodak moment.

Gus even thinks its ridiculous of Vivian to include Chloe in on his plot against Carly. She wants to push Chloe over the edge....so many people want this yet it never happens!

Hope is going to put a team together to find the mugger.....good luck with that police force. Abe wonders if she is okay, especially with the sleeping problems. Hope says she is fine, but SeeWhoreA is having problems...yeah she got the crazy eyes. Abe brings up Bo, and takes on the role of Donald Downer for the day.

Daniel thinks Carly is a good friend, she says she's more than that. EWWWW. This storyline is going to give ME vision problems if these two eventually have sex. Nicole says that most women don't stand a chance against Carly. Loving this admission from Nicole especially since THEY NEVER MET! Since when does Nicole of all people think a woman like Carly is powerful? Carly explains that she meant that they share a daughter....and that pesky case of herpes. Carly loves that Daniel now trusts her and values their friendship. Daniel wants to keep the surgery a secret from Melanie, but he will tell Chloe.....she won't understand, but he'll tell her anyway. Nicole advises Chloe that if she wants to keep Daniel she has to play games until Bo returns. Vivian listens to them and wishes she would have thought against this hairstyle for today.

Hope tells Abe about Kimberly's condition, but she has not spoken to Bo. Abe thinks Hope needs to take a personal leave...we just want her to leave period. In walks THEO!! Hope gets a headache when the kid comes in....apparently she dislikes loud children. Lexie and Hope leave the father/son alone. Lexie tells Hope that she has to talk to the doctor in charge for specifics in Abe's case...CARLY! It truly is a shitty day for Hope.

Nicole explains that if Bo ends things with Carly, then Carly will go running to Daniel. Vivian proceeds to have the WORST dream ever about Chloe and Carly. Apparently in dreams people are bad actors. Chloe pushes Carly off the PIER. Carly proceeds to flail, then hit her head on a wooden block, then flails backwards into the water. Chloe is upset that she killed her that she says in a Robotic voice: I KILLED HER. Meanwhile as Hope approaches Carly she receives a phone call from Bo...Going to start referring to the phone as PR until he gets back! Chloe thinks Daniel would never cheat, and Carly loves Bo. Nicole mentions how Daniel is a player....yeah he touched every female patient at that hospital. Chloe just wishes "Carly would just drop off the face of the earth" as Daniel overhears. Actually the face of the earth is located about 2 blocks away from the Pub.

Theo is really upset and wants his daddy home! Lexie is trying to calm down her son. Don't really mind seeing Theo but did we really have to witness his tantrum? Aren't Melanie's tantrums enough?

Ari will not fight Nicole for Brady....well yeah she'd lose. Victor reminds her that Nicole will not stop going after him. Ari reminds Victor that she is the one calling the shots....and Nicole just does shots in the bar. Nicole excuses herself from the table to leave Daniel and Chloe in awkward central. Nicole gets a call from Rosie, who tells her what happened to Abe.

Chloe gets a lecture from Danny about her anti-Carly stance and her pro-Nicole feelings. Vivian is still listening, and its basically just closeups of this poor lady not being served at the Pub. Where is a waitress? Carly tells Bo he has to listen to the doctors and PUSH FLUIDS...Convinced that is dirty talk! Hope asks Carly about the muggings. During Carly's statement, Hope shakes her pen alot to get the ink to work. Unfortunately Hope does not have the bone power to shake a pen. Carly gives her a pen, and then talks about Bo and Kimberly. Hope gets a phonecall about her spawn of Satan. Carly wonders what is wrong....not your hair which looks fabulous for a change!

Arianna gets the phonecall about Abe too so she rushes to the police station. Nicole gets to the station and starts yelling about how there is no hair and makeup for her....this is Days and this is not surprising. She orders a fancy coffee just because it is what all the cool people are doing. She then barges into Abe's office and wants an exclusive. She even pulls the BRANDON card...who I miss!! She threatens Abe with telling either her version of the story or his. Actually her version would be way better!

SheWhoreA and Hope are chatting about her problems at school. She stole Reward Stickers from her teacher's desk..One even said "Did my Best!" Hope tells her she loves her...well I'd hope so! She tells her it's not right to take things...to which the little evil kid responds.."you think everything I do is baddddddddddddd." The little devil just wants her daddy who let's her Skype all day.

Daniel is bitching about Nicole. He does not understand why Chloe tells Nicole everything, but leaves him out. This dude needs a chick Manual! Chloe tells him Nicole is not the problem..CARLY is the problem! Vivian is so excited by this fight she is molesting the menu. Daniel explains why Nicole sucks as a person, to which Chloe reminds him Carly is a murderer. Daniel is upset that Chloe is overreacting. Chloe thinks: Carly is a WHORE sleeping with other women's men. Okay problems with THIS! Carly only slept with 3 men on this show! Second, CHLOE sleeps with EVERYONE and cheated on Lucas, toyed with Brady and Phillip, and is going to cheat on Daniel..HELLO!

Hope tells Victor about the little devil's thievery. Victor couldn't be prouder actually which is cute and hope she scalps the stickers on the playground for a quick buck. Victor asks about Abe and Hope wonders if he has any information about the muggings. Meanwhile the little troublemaker sneaks into her mother's room. She puts on her mother's ONE shoe..um weird...and finds a box under the bed. Think we can safely assume there are no snacks in that box. The little creeper says that Mommy has something to her Teddy Bear...this kid needs more counseling.

Nicole and Ari are working together and just realize it. This Storyline= WASTE OF TIME!

Dr. Yang and Carly have a consult. Yeah she's probably slept with him. Daniel is extremely annoyed by Chloe...ABOUT TIME! Chloe makes the big mistake of asking if he and Carly have a thang going on! Daniel is furious that she would even ask that and leaves. Vivian comes over and puts her hand on Chloe's shoulder...creeeppppyyyy because she thinks its Daniel. Chloe turns to be comforted by Vivian instead. Chloe started that stupid fight and she should feel like crap!

Victor and Hope discuss the muggings. He thinks the mugger is after men with gold cards....foreshadowing? Hope says she has to figure things out before anyone gets hurt.....um, so none of the victims have been hurt?? Glad Hope is on the job! SeeWhoreA looks in the box and thinks her mommy has a secret. God I hope its porn!

Previews: Arianna is working the camera and yelling cut at Nicole. Wow this station must be very short on cash that Ari is working camera duty too. Lazy and CHEAP!

Vivian asks Chloe if Carly has gotten to him. Again making Carly seem like a plague. If Carly had such an effect on men the rest of the town would like her...NOT the case!

Daniel says he trusts Carly with his life, and Victor says he is a fool. Well, Victor is biased! Still annoyed that Carly never put out and slept with him. BITTER!

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