Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As the Hope Turns...into Gina

Nicole is still in her ugly outfit and still fighting with Arianna. Love how these two ex-cons get jobs so easily on the news and their first story is in the police station of all places. Can Abe just have them both arrested and sent to'd be more entertaining.

Daniel leaves Chloe again as we get a replay of that funny scene where he gets firm with her and not focused on her being firm. Vivian makes her move on Chloe and touches her creepily again. Chloe just wants Vivian to back off. At the hospital Carly is talking with Dr. Yang, who has a website! OMG she called in a guy from the Internet to fix Daniel! Victor overhears about the surgery and starts yelling at Carly. He's still upset they have not had sex dammit!

The little spawn of Satan looks under the bed and finds her mother's box. My mother used to yell at me when I went through her shit. They should institute beatings for this kid.

Brady is running and tells us about how to save the environment with his eco-travel water bottle! GO GREEN! Brady is now being gay with Justin. Go Brustin! Wait they are related nevermind. They talk about the mugging, things with Adrienne, and then Arianna. Basically they both suck with women and just in general. Justin is nosier than Maggie and asks questions about Ari. Meanwhile Ari brings up Nicole's porn past....that is always a good time! Then Nicole brings up Ari's drug problems. Wow these women have accomplished so much in very little time.

Hope finds the little creeper and is worried about her. Seriously this kid has like dead eyes and may slice the townspeople at the kneecaps. If serial killing starts again it is clearly her doing. In the most creepy delivery ever she tells Hope, "I don't know what is going on inside your head mommy!!!" ...........O-O..........Scarier than the Shining. Hope needs to break out the holy water.

Justin wonders if Nicole was still in jail, would Brady and Ari be married. Well DUH Captain Obvious! Now Justin is giving out love advice. The guy who is in the middle of a divorce and in love with HOPE of all people should NOT be giving out advice to anyone. Brady needs to keep running.

Abe is granting Nicole an interview but allows her no time to change or get makeup on....just like on the real show!! Ari works the camera because she took a class and there must be some budget cuts because that would NEVER happen. Nicole's interview is going bad, because the girl needs some booze. She finally becomes herself and attacks Abe for the police sucking, so Ari screams CUT...They are allowed only one take on Days..but the news gets as much as possible!

Vivian toys with Chloe's mind...or whatever is located in the brain area. Victor starts yelling at Carly who sends Dr. Yang off to prep for surgery. Victor is upset Carly is helping with surgery and Daniel walks in defending Carly. He trusts Carly with his life, which is risky considering she does not really work that much. Victor thinks he is a damn fool. Carly gives him the eyebrow instead of giving him the finger.

Hope is worried for her little girl..well yeah she a creeper! TommyBear is also the new star of the show and even SeeWhoreA has to explain that to stupid Hope that the bear does not speak. Hope explains to the little devil that basically she made the whole thing up in her whacked out brain because she would never talk about Justin that way. The Little Creeper then talks to herself outside her mom's door and to that damn bear. Ten bucks says that bear ends up losing a limb.

Nicole is annoyed that Ari called cut on her interview with Abe. Abe seems to be enjoying the cattiness and he is officially the only one. They continue the interview and Abe explains that there will be an end to the violence....actually I want it to continue. THANKS! He explains that Hope Brady is on the job...and Nicole has to stop herself from laughing basically.

Justin and Hope are talking about the little creeper's problems...Vote goes to PUT HER IN AN INSTITUTION! He says that Hope is a good mother, meaning that he has probably never met that Shawn D kid she screwed up. Justin is now giving parenting advice when he is NEVER around his kids!

Chloe knows that Vivian is trying to mess with her mind. Vivian wants to help Chloe handle the huge problem that is Carly. Well we know burying her alive won't work! Father Matt, Chloe's BFF interrupts them and saves the poor Chloe from the mean old lady. Matt needs to be in Church more and not have "coffee" with Chloe.

Daniel wants Victor to deal with his friendship with Carly. Victor does not approve of the sadist Carly Manning. Danny says that Vivian is the crazy one, and Victor should not listen to the old bat. Carly tells Danny the doctor is ready, and Victor warns her not to screw up. Carly asks abut Chloe, and Daniel has to tell her that another person hates her guts. Loving that Carly was nosy enough to ask what the fight was about, like she did not know Chloe hates her.

Justin is good at putting kids to bed...not surprising since he is so boring and puts me to sleep. And where are these 4 children we never see? Have a theory one of the twins is gay! Hope tells Justin that the little creeper called him daddy....Justin would rather Hope call him daddy. At the rate this parenting is going, little SeeWhoreA is going on a killing spree and Justin and Carly are going to die first.

Nicole thanks Abe for the interview............that is all that happened and still not sure why that was a scene.

Chloe keeps confiding in Father Matt, who really seems to just want to get laid. Seriously questioning his priestly conduct on this one! Vivian and Gus discuss how Chloe and Daniel are arguing and how this works to their advantage. Chloe is apparently going to become a Weapon of Manning's Destruction. Can we get that on a t-shirt?? Love how Carly is now being compared to terrorist activities now.

Ari and Gaby are talking. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that is all! Brady overhears and asks Gaby if they were speaking about Nicole. Are there other people in town who get called Baby Switcher?

Daniel explains how Chloe is insecure about Carly. Apparently Carly is also semi-stalking Chloe because she knows she is a singer. She thinks Danny should tell Chloe the truth about the surgery.

Justin is worried about Hope because she has a headache....WHAT ABOUT THE WEIGHT LOSS??

Daniel calls Chloe and leaves her a voicemail message. He says he is going into surgery and will be there very late. Very late on this show means he will be discharged tomorrow.

Vivian and Victor talk on the phone. He lets her know the Black Widow is involved in Daniel's surgery. Vivian gets confused by all the animal imagery Victor uses on the ladies in his life. She cannot even remember Chloe's name to tell Victor about their fight. Okay this scene was FUNNY! Chloe admits to the priest she has not told Daniel about how she feels Carly is affecting them. Father Matt and Carly need to meet. He is gonna perform an impromptu exorcism the way everyone rags on the lady.

Gaby tells Brady that Arianna is now working for Nicole. He heads to stop the fight...TOO LATE! Arianna wonders if Nicole has always been a bitch. Nicole OWNS the fact that she is a bitch. She even has t-shirts and necklaces that read "Bitch" on them!

Hope is wearing hideous PJs and is pill popping. Pill popping is not bad as long as your clothes are nice. UGLY PJs!

Nicole and Ari argue about how she is a bitch and Brady walks in. LAME!

Chloe gets the message from Daniel and Father Matt encourages her to go to the hospital to see Daniel. This gets Vivian's wheels turning and she sets up her plan.

Justin and Victor are signing contracts. Victor thinks that Justin is just there to pant around Hope. Eww that makes me queasy. Speaking of the weirdo, she jumps out of bed at what seems a late hour and says she has overslept. Gina must only sleep 10 minutes then because wow that was fast.

Vivian pays an orderly to lie about Carly. Daniel is in his hospital gown and OMG never put him in that outfit again! Carly needs to also lose those scrubs, they are not charming! Father Matt tells Chloe to just go to the hospital and talk to Daniel. Chloe feels everything is working against her and Daniel....yeah its called the Writing Staff!

Ari wants to keep her job, and Brady wants her to get a new one. Still Lame!

Mr. Winton is the orderly who is about to get paid for lying. Thanks!

Justin lectures Victor about how Hope needs HIM and not Bo! Meanwhile Hope is getting all Gina's up. Does she only own that one black outfit?

Ari will not quit her job and can handle Nicole as her boss. BAD IDEA!

Yang is prepping the Laser..KINKY! Carly who is now wearing a mask, talks to Daniel and all we see is eyebrows! Daniel says once he is out of surgery he will make everything right with Chloe...which means he will buy her a puppy. Chloe arrives at the hospital and learns from Winton that Daniel is NOT in surgery. He lies and says that Daniel left with Carly...and BOW CHICKA BOW WOW.

Justin and Victor are still bickering and Justin wonders why Victor considers Bo a man, but not Justin. Well that is a stupid discussion. First off, You have no balls Justin so you are not a man! Hope has her black getup on and is now applying that fabulously horrible RED lipstick. She thinks she looks Perfect.......Check your dictionary because you must have low standards.

Previews: Chloe has a panic attack and needs to know where they were going!!! PANIC!!!! Just call every sleazy hotel, bar, or your apartment building for two sex crazed doctors.

Nathan asks Melanie how she feels about him. This is going to be so warm and fuzzy. Nathan is perfect in every way so Melanie better be careful with my Greek God's heart! Nathan= excitement so this should be mind blowing!

EJ tells Sami she looks beautiful. Awwww Rapist love!!

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