Monday, April 26, 2010

One Rapist's Life to Save

Vivian blames Carly for being a homewrecker...well technically Chloe and Daniel share an apartment so she is a Apartmentwrecker. Amazing how Carly is to blame for every relationship breaking up. Let the Manning plague continue. Chloe's life sucks because she is a whore. Chloe breaks down again for us screeching that she is so sorry. Melanie wants to know what she is sorry for....and why she stole her own crying fit time. Chloe flashbacks to hot Phloe yes please!

Nathan and Stephanie are on a date at that bar that is going to be the new PIER. Not even alcohol can make Stephanie interesting.

Rafe is at Stefano's house. Stefano wants to talk to him about Sami moving in, but Rafe thinks its none of his business. Stefano asks if Rafe still loves Sami...and now Stefano is the relationship guru all of a sudden. Meanwhile Sami is trying to help EJ who is near death after being mugged by Hope. She wants to leave to get help, but he won't let her. Welcome to the Rapist love hour!

Stefano keeps pushing for Rafe to answer, but Rafe thinks Stefano is wondering if Rafe is going to be a problem for him. Rafe IS the problem and he should go away. Stefano is apparently GOD and needs to know how everyone feels. Rafe thinks EJ wants Sami to move in, but doesn't know why EJ wants to live with Stefano. Stefano felt like reminding us that he is Italian, and Rafe wants to know what changed EJ's mind......because everyone in town is SO consistent. We then return to Sami screaming for someone to help EJ......someone help them so she can shut up! She screams 911!!! You are supposed to CALL that number!

Carly explains she did nothing to Chloe, but Vivian insists Carly is a homewrecker. Same old fight that needs to get better! Where are the bad acting daydreams because those are always fun? Daniel is wondering what Chloe did, and Chloe thinks Daniel deserves the truth. Definition of "truth": A term used on Days of Our Lives to describe the events that only come to light during Sweeps, and usually in a shocking manner. When "truth" is used in a sentence it is usually 98.7% of the time followed by a lie.

Stefano says that "time heals all wounds" and again TIME does NOT exist on this show. Now Rafe is using the term 180...God help us all. He doesn't believe EJ would just change his mind because Stefano is sick, but would help bury Stefano. Clearly Rafe does not know EJ..he would hire men to bury Stefano! Sami starts with the CPR and why does he need CPR, why would he stop breathing?

Phillip gives Chloe the "don't ruin my life skank" look. Chloe says it is not important, but Daniel wants to hear what she has to say anyway. My God what drugs is this man on and can I have some? Apparently Chloe feels the need to express how good a friend Phillip is and how he listened to her problems. Daniel interrupts the story....thank God...and blames himself for the whole thing. Daniel thanks Phillip for being there for Mel. This moment is so sleepover???

Nathan explains to Stephanie what the damn LETTER said. He says that Mel made it clear that Phillip is her choice. This somehow means Nathan is over Melanie...if only it worked that fast in real life.

Stefano explains that EJ and him are both thinking of the children and how Sami sucks as a human being and a mother. He wants Sami there so he can keep an eye on her. Don't really like this plan and would prefer a kidnapping and a microchip in this instance.

Baker is still playing with EJ's credit card...would have totally went on a shopping spree already. He calls someone for EJ's PIN...maybe its 1-2-3-4-5! Sami is still a mess, and EJ tries to get up, and this time there is kissing. Where is a rape whistle when you need one??

Phillip excuses himself and Chloe from the room so Mel and Dan can talk. Daniel tells her to not worry about his vision.....yeah she is clearly not concerned about that at all. In fact, she would like you to be blind so you cannot see how guilty she is. Phillip gets a phonecall and Chloe goes to talk to Carly.....why is anyone's guess. Chloe is sorry about everything, and thanks Carly for helping Daniel. Carly says it was all Yang....her new secret lover. Wow these two are such good friends that Carly is now invited to the family sleepover!! Vivian is having a heart attack.

Nathan and Stephanie are still talking...and poor Adrienne has to walk up and be seen with them. Nathan goes for more beer, because to be around Steph you must be drunk! Steph tells Adrienne that Nathan and Melanie are over....which means they will have sex sometime around the end of the summer.

*whistling* That was not a rape whistle that was just me waiting for the kiss to be over. Sami calls for help. The EMT arrives and he calls for an Ambulance.....on the is an ambulance getting on the PIER??? Also Rafe knows the real reason EJ wants Sami back.....but it's going to be wrong and we actually have to wait until after the break to find out how wrong it is.

Melanie feels the need to share her love life issues with Daniel, who is more than willing to listen. Yeah, this is not normal sorry, and don't care who you are. Melanie says she has no feelings for Nathan and thinks the whole thing made her marriage stronger. Looks like Melanie got the clueless gene from Carly. Phillip and Chloe are at the cafe talking about their "mistake." They both realize they are idiots and think that no one should ever know about their sexcapade....which is why they are speaking about it in loud whispers at a public establishment. Oh, look its that rascal Carly Manning!

Vivian is annoyed that her plans all suck.....I'm annoyed to Viv, because your plans are always better than these travesties! Bad writing!

Rafe doesn't mention why EJ wants Sami back......confused: party of ME! He thinks Sami will not stay there long....well if her kids are there, she will NOT be there as much. Stefano will make sure she stays. Rafe finally asks the big question of What does Stefano have on EJ? He should have brought the truth serum if he really wanted answers. EJ is in the hospital and lucky for him Lexie is his doctor. She works!! And it looks like Sami gives good EJ grabs it.

Adrienne hopes things work out for Steph and Nathan....really she just hopes to excuse herself from the table. She mentions that her and Justin are over...thank God for now or until Justin grows a pair. Nathan brings beer, but gets a phone call. Stephanie thinks everything is just swell now between her and Nathan......dear Lord, break these two up forever.....thank you. Nathan is THE ONE...actually with Steph's track record he is like THE FIFTH.

Daniel just loves his honest daughter. He thinks it is all because of Maggie's influence...then who is to blame for the spazzing panic attacks because I'd like to write them a stern letter?! Melanie thinks Daniel is honest, but he insists he is no saint and makes mistakes. Yeah, like one night stands of unprotected sex with random female colleagues who put out because their husband is a raving psychopath and we are both drunk and wasted.....just one example.

Phillip and Chloe are having a we suck party...and who walks up but the ultimate sucker...CARLY! Seriously, she is all up in other people's business lately. Phillip leaves to go see Melanie and Carly notices that Chloe looks upset. Since when does Carly notice things?? and Chloe always looks like that...its called being dumb. Side note: when people call you miserable bitch...they usually DO NOT want to be friends with you!!!

Stefano says he and EJ are family....well good to know because that had already not been established. Lexie calls her father and tells him about EJ, and Stefano then tells Rafe. It's like Telephone!! Can Rafe call Roman, who will call Hope, and then call Abe???

Baker has to convince the guy on the phone to steal from EJ....did we really need this scene? EJ has one bad headache and has no idea what happened. He does remember Sami being there for him and thanks her. She says that EJ already showed him how thankful he was....yeah with his tongue thanks. EJ claims to not remember, and Sami has a flashback. Where is my damn whistle? Side note: James Scott is mighty mighty fine...that is all.

Stephanie feels the need to poke her nose in her aunt's divorce now. UGH. Nathan has to leave and get to the hospital. He kisses Steph goodbye and they will continue the date another time. Can this time be offscreen?

Phillip comes to Daniel's room, but Melanie has stepped out. Daniel explains that Melanie told him everything....even Phillip thinks that's weird. Daniel is happy with the way Phillip treated his daughter.....Thinking Chloe got the real treat. Oh Yeah!! This is awkward on so many levels that the ramifications can only be explained via a diagram and some alcohol. Daniel then makes a death threat, and poor Phillip is going to throw up.

Vivian worries that Chloe will tell Carly what she did....don't worry Viv she is not that bright to figure it out. Carly thinks Chloe looked, Carly was having delusions, panic attacks, and seeing her dead husband everywhere....great way to judge others there Manning. She thinks she should move on and forget the argument she had with Daniel. Really glad that Carly feels the need to be Chloe's life coach, when her OWN life is not so great. Spread the failure Carly!

Stefano and Lexie talk about the attack on EJ. Rafe just this cop work is impressive! EJ wonders how he thanked Sami, and she changes the subject and here is Rafe popping his head in and not saying he is there!! This just got the right amount of uncomfortable.

Vivian decides it is time to go on a killing spree...Dammit then changes her mind. That could have been fun to watch. Then she announces that she has nailed it....well it cannot be Victor so no clue what she is talking about yet.

Stephanie realizes she us just being used for sexual favors, but hey she does not mind at all!! Her and Nathan are on their way to at least one divorce. In their effort to forget their affair, Phillip and Chloe decide that phone calls about their affair is important. Chloe announces that if ANYONE found out about their AFFAIR everything will be over......and look there is Nathan. Yeah Nathan is not DEAF folks!

Baker gets EJ's PIN number and steals money. Stefano is angry that the police be fair if they did not suck, Stefano would never have gotten away with anything. Boy, did that come back to bite him in the ass. EJ insists on knowing what Sami is talking about, but she only cares that he is okay. If something happened to EJ she wouldn't know what to say to the kids....that would mean you'd have to acknowledge and talk to them. Not your style Sami! EJ touches her cheek....on her face.....and says he is not going anywhere. Rapist love wins!!! And Rafe leaves to hopefully go cry somewhere and eat ice creams.

Previews: Kate tells Will that she doesn't mind Chad, but his parents are another story. Okay, the way Kate said that...mind totally went to Cougar storyline. Kate has that track record.

Madeline says that the DiMeras could ruin everything...Still thinking she was a prostitute in the good old days!! Her and Kate so worked a corner together.

Arianna tells EJ that when he finds out why she is there he is going to throw her out. Couldn't she just save him the trouble and leave?? BTW when are these two going to hook up?? The constant flirting and scenes together has not gone unnoticed. Proceed people!

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