Thursday, April 29, 2010

As the Mia Turns HO-ier

Okay I'm like the quick and easy recaps. If you like this format better let me know!!! I figure the entire episode summary gets trying especially with episodes that are essentially throw aways. Leave me a comment if you like this format better/worse. Thanks!

Rafe and Sami engage in the same exact argument they always have: EJ SUCKS! Rafe thinks she might be the biggest moron on the planet if she moves in with the DiMeras, but Sami thinks she's doing what's right for her children......try spending more time with them first before you make these big decisions Sami. At the end, Rafe seems to track down Anna...which means its SWEEPS time soon!!

Mia is......say it all with me gang...STILL A HO! This time we get a more conniving HO! She tries to use Madeline to get back with Chad and of course has to bring up her dead baby. Then she uses Random boy who works at the Cafe to make Chad and Will jealous. It does not work, and Taylor Swift goes home empty handed.

Kate is worried about Madeline threatening her, and she tells Stefano all about it. These two women go back to the days when they had their original noses and frown lines. Stefano meets Madeline at the PIER and works his threatening mojo, while Madeline makes it clear that she has something on Kate and Stefano. Whatever she's bloody, like Kate's hands. Kate imagines blood all over her hands...Thinking she stuck her hands into her Botox needle drawer but could be wrong. She tells Will to stay away from Chad. Still making me think these two were PROSTITUTES!

EJ gives Nicole her interview, all while saying she was the one behind the whole thing. He does not remember Baker, who is trying to skip town after realizing Hope is a weirdo detective who cannot find Uranus. Hope questions EJ, and they figure the mugger may be a woman because the person was shorter than EJ.....that could literally be ANYONE! Hope is hot on the trail of.......well herself! Nicole cries to Brady about anything, and Arianna is still a pain in the ass who doesn't realize Brady loves Nicole.

Previews: Nicole tells Hope that EJ is trying to frame her. Can they discuss this at the local burger joint?

EJ tells Stefano that he trusts Sami. How much changes in one whole year when he wanted wiped off the face of the Earth last year. Now he thinks Samantha is the most AMAZING thing ever.

Caroline rages at Sami. This was actually scary because Caroline is cranky!! She jumps on the Sami is a moron party train! Taking care of all of Sami's kids has really aged Caroline. YEESH!

Extra Special treat! The Days Promo for May and June!! Enjoy all of the Kiriakis wives getting together for a group shot. You can even spot Crystal Chappell and Ari Zucker giggling. Also Hope just basically bashes the whole town over the head!! When is it Bo's turn??? And most touching...the return of fan favorites for the Frances Reid (Alice Horton) memorial! Enjoy!

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  1. As always, GREAT re-cap! I dig the new abbreviated version. Hopefully things in Salem will ramp up this May for sweeps. Can't wait to see the Alice Horton Tribute!


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