Monday, April 5, 2010

Bo and the Beautiful Olivia's Bridesmaid Dress!

Nicole knows how to make a fact I'm sure we could all use one for this episode. Martinis all around and yes, please, thank you! We get a replay of Nicole opening the door for Arianna. You can cut the tension with a bitch slap.

Bo is looking dressier than usual. Did someone get a makeover?? Carly wonders where he is going, and he says he is going somewhere and so is she. First off, it is bad when Bo is better dressed than Carly and second...she's getting out of work AGAIN!! Can I just have her job of standing around with files, because I am pretty sure I can do it!! And side note...she gives the eyebrow and looks WAY too excited to leave with Bo.

EJ and Sami are still bonding, and it's getting old already. Now it's time for a group hug apparently, because rapists are just so damn hugable. Will walks in and delivers a huge WTF. Never thought I'd say this but thank God for Will and ewww yeah I said it.

Lexie must have done something special because Days remembered they employed her and put her on again. Theo gives Kate a hug and he must like old people or something. Lexie is there for Theo's playdate with Grandpa....Stefano has playdates?? Stefano is not there...he is dealing with Anna of course. Anna again says that EJ plotted everything, but Stefano does not believe her. DAMMIT! Figures the ONE time someone tells the truth no one believes them. TYPICAL! She tries spelling it out...cue cards would work here.

Sami tries to be a cool hip mom by talking to Will like he is a moron. Sami tries to defend herself, but Will does not want to hear it. OMG I'm on Will's side...someone help me. EJ leaves with Sydney, and how come he gets away without getting yelled at. GRRR. Sami is very embarrassed that will embarrassed her in front of her rapist!!! Will hates that EJ is always there and that Sami is falling for his crap again. Does Will read my blog because that just makes him cooler if he does?

Stefano wants to know why Anna is lying. She explains again that EJ was behind the whole thing. Stefano does not buy it and calls over his goon to kill her....BUT WAIT!!! Anna has proof. What kind of proof you say?? Well seeing as EJ called her about 8 billion times it's kind of hard to figure of what she could possibly have on him.

Bo has brought a change of clothes for Carly....great he is even appalled by her wardrobe choices. Carly wants to know where they are going, but Bo is not ruining the surprise. Carly goes to get the Hospital she does NOT work in. In fact this is the most she has done all day. Since when can Bo afford a nice place to go by the way?? Didn't he blow all his cash on Carly's bail?? And he wipes his face after she kisses him...does Carly really have cooties?

Will tells his mother that EJ is just using her. You tell her puberty boy!! No one likes EJ...including Nicole, whose name should have probably not come up. Will has alot to learn and we'll forgive him for that one. Will makes the even bigger mistake of saying Nicole seemed normal to him. UH OH. Sami figures out that Nicole saw him and Sydney and that he let her near the baby. He says that he let Nicole say goodbye. Someone is going to get there blackberry and wii console taken away. Grounded!!

Arianna and Nicole are fighting...or as I like to call it...a big waste of Ari Zucker's time, talent, and energy! Brady walks in and breaks up their bickering, and basically backs up Nicole. He really knows how to screw himself. It's such a talent he has. Arianna is annoyed, although pretty sure she was annoyed before that anyway.

Kate says that Stefano is out of town, but that Theo should stay and play with her.....Wow that sounded wrong. They are going to make lemonade people, don't worry. Lexie, who is probably terrified Kate will try out some new hair dye on Theo, agrees to it and sticks around to talk to Kate about EJ. EJ's a boring topic can they not discuss like someone else they hate or something?

Anna has proof that EJ was behind everything, asking to get to her purse. She plays a message off her phone of EJ saying he can't make it to the cottage or something to see Sydney. Why couldn't she of recorded one of the messages where he was screaming and blinking?? Anna thinks this proves her point.

Sami is lecturing her son for letting the baby near Nicole. Nicole actually spent more time with the baby than Sami has so she should not be so judgemental. Will mentions that Sydney called Nicole MAMA. Based on the level of red that Sami is and the fact that he looks like he is pissing himself...Will is in some major fucking trouble.

Kate and Lexie got rid of Theo fast and get down to talking. She explains that EJ is trying to evict Stefano from the house, but Kate wants her help and have her talk to EJ. Lexie called EJ a clone of Stefano....RUDE, Stefano is way cooler! EJ walks in of course because he is a creeper.

Anna insists that EJ is the kidnapper. Stefano is in shock that EJ picked Anna to work with. Apparently Stefano is not fond of Anna...who knew! Anna says she has changed, and Stefano cannot believe she hated him that much. Anna brings up TONY again, and Stefano says she is a idiot because all she did is screw herself in the end. She points out she has given him EJ, and Stefano says that EJ will pay!!! By "pay" hoping they mean publicly ridiculed and at least prison raped for one whole week.

Carly is now wearing a red number....funny wonder if she borrowed it from a friend named Olivia who WORE THE SAME DRESS to her friend Natalia's non wedding!! Bo likes it so much he decides to gnaw her face off.

Kate leaves Lexie and EJ alone and wants to know what the hell that was about. He wants to know what his "ex-girlfriend" wanted....EWWWWW. Lexie tells hims to get over it and focus on his own shit and not on Stefano. EJ wants to know how Lexie stays sane....she stays off the show that's how! OMG Lexie even stays they stay away as much as possible...stay away or written out seem to be the same thing. Abe and Lexie won't let Theo raised in the DiMera fold and EJ wants the same for Sydney. EJ thinks if he is lucky he will get to do that with Sami......since when is being with Sami make any guy lucky??

Sami freaks out on Will explaining that Nicole will think she is Sydney's mom again. Will finally gets a word in and screams at his mom, then explains what happened at the Pier. Then defends Nicole by explaining that she did the right thing. Sami does not care and accuses Will of having the worst judgement on the that would be Sami and her lack of birth control. Then Will gives it back to his mom and lists all the trashy things she has done. He calls EJ a SON OF A BITCH and calls Sami out on her constant need to be a screw up. Sami starts crying and FINALLY someone calls Sami out on all her shit.

Anna tries to reason with Stefano and tells him not to do something he regrets. She explains to him that EJ will be in jail and Sami will have the kids.....leaving Stefano with nothing. Oh all Stefano has to do is kidnap them all and brainwash them all...that's simple.

Bo and Carly are eating some fancy dinner, where Bo cannot get a beer and a burger. They toast to themselves and Carly mentions she is in a tight dress. She says Bo looks YUM...if Bo is YUM, what does that make Phillip for me..YOWZA?! Bo thinks she looks beautiful no matter what she is wearing or not wearing...leave it to Bo to make a Booty and Nudie joke. Bo makes Carly feel beautiful and he used the word FANCY..that reminds me of HOPE...I call foul! She asks what it would have been like had they stayed together. Yeah then Hope came back and would have screwed it up. Bo pun intended...that him and Carly won't screw up their second chance. The writers really like the word "screwed".

Brady didn't realize Nicole stuck around, and she admits she stuck around for the booze. Love you Nicole! Nicole takes Brady up on his offer and Arianna is confused and wants to know what's going on....Okay wow Arianna needs to understand that Brady loves Nicole and she needs to go sell some drugs in another town.

Sami notes that Will knows how to cut be fair to Will its REALLY easy to cut Sami with her track record. Will reminds her that it's not even her house, and that it is Marlena's house and that she would be living out of a cardboard house. OMG GO WILL! Way to tell off the mom! Will doesn't want to live with her and see her hook up with EJ...OMG can he take us with him??

EJ wants a life with that's shocking. Lexie wants him to focus on Sami and not Stefano...Kate walks in and agrees. Next, Theo will walk in and suggest they all drink some lemonade and choke on it! Anna asks Stefano if he wants to lose his son. Stefano wants her to SHUT UP!! She lets him know that he has a chance to rebuild his family. Well this is dumb, I say kill the rat bastard.

Brady explains that he offered Nicole a loan. They start fighting again, and where is Sami, because Arianna sucks at fighting. Arianna is annoyed with Brady for not talking to her about it. Thinking Arianna is really mad that Brady did not give her the money to fix her ugly ass hair...what the hell happened??

EJ announces he will win the war with Stefano......well way to give away the ending dude. Kate wants him to make peace because Stefano still loves him. EJ says if that was true he would have not sided with Nicole. Um EJ I love you....I would side with Nicole too because you are a big jackass. Goon man gives Anna her money, and Stefano asks her for a favor already. What happened to killing her??

Brady thinks he should have told Arianna...good boy Brady. He wants to be smacked and she doesn't do it, which makes her officially LAME. Then she compares Nicole to a stray dog..ewww RUDE! This girl is getting on my bad side now. He promises this was a one time deal, but then says if there is a second time she will be informed..WTF? Then she wants to talk about the wedding....OMG you are bickering with one another, don't get married.

Kate is annoyed no one answers the door but her. It's GRANDSON WILL!! He explains that him and Sami fought so he left for good. OMG move in with Kate because it will give Sami a heart attack!! Maybe Stefano can train him to be cool!!

EJ shows up at Sami's AGAIN...go the fuck away!! He can tell something is wrong because Sami is Bawling. Captain OBVIOUS!! She explains in belligerent crying fits that Will left. EJ takes this time to hold her and sniff her hair. Meanwhile, whatever Stefano asked, Anna delivered. Stefano tells her that she can take her money and go but no matter where she hides he will find her. Confused because she is right there, so why would he have to find her again?? And then he has the goon go after her....No clue what that all means.

Arianna says that both Rafe and Mel think her and Brady should elope. Advice from other geniuses in the town! Brady wants to know what she wants to do. Arianna says she loves him, but she thinks it is best they do not get married. well DUH! Nicole is at the pub getting accosted by that Kinsey bitch once again. Nicole tells her to go away and Kinsey accuses her of being SNARKY! YES!! Love you Nicole! Nicole then gets interested in seeing this collage Kinsey is putting together and picks up a picture of Brady and Ari. Nicole does not think they will last...I concur!

Bo and Carly are dancing and he is about to touch her ass before he gets a phone call. He sees that it's his MA and picks it up quickly...Mama's boy! Caroline is in L.A. somehow with Kimberly. Well Caroline is the jet setter all of a slutttennn.

Will wishes Lucas was around...well apparently the show did not agree with you! Oh God they sent poor Lucas to China...did the guy really deserve a communist country? He cannot even call Lucas so Will wants to call Maggie...another person in that house??! Kate wants him to stay with her. DO IT!! The secret passageways alone are fun!

EJ is still comforting Sami, blaming it all on Will being a teenager. Maybe he does not have to worry about his kids being teens on this show because they get SORAS'ed like no one's business. Stefano calls EJ and wants to talk, but EJ has nothing to say. Stefano is annoyed because EJ could have done the right thing, but now Stefano is going to make him see the error of his ways. YES!!! Torture your bastard son!!

Previews: Hope asks for a name, and the D.A. says Rafe Hernandez, from his hospital gurney. Oh did the wittle d.a. get scwawed of widdle owld Wafe?? What a lame ass for asking Hope to take care of Rafe....although Hope can badger someone with great ease! What did Rafe do to the guy exactly?

Gaby tells Rafe she knows what happened last night. OMG does she also know what he did last summer?? If she rats on her big brother, she is a bigger TOOL than we thought.

Sami does not want EJ to go back to that house. Is it haunted? Is there a horror movie theme for tomorrow?? Do I need holy water to watch this show....wait don't answer that last one.

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