Friday, April 30, 2010

Bad Hair Days of Our Lives

Daniel is with Carly, who even thinks she should not be there either. Carly should teach Daniel all about how men should behave around their girlfriends. Melanie and Phillip arrive with booze, because these people need it. You know you have a great daughter when she brings you booze as a get well gift. Daniel and Carly are left alone in the end, and she AGAIN has to explain that Chloe does not want her around. Daniel is apparently blind still after surgery. Also, Daniel and Carly need help picking out their wardrobe for the day. They are not on vacation and all this white is offensive.

Meanwhile Chloe begs Nathan to not tell anyone about what he overheard. Nathan is angry that she cheated on Daniel, and luckily Stephanie interrupts the conversation they were having because it is going nowhere. Chloe is having a hard time understanding that she's an idiot. Eventually Chloe finds the hotel guy who lied to her, and he tells her someone was yanking her chain....which makes Chloe think back to all the times she wore a dog collar during sex. Stephanie finds a drunken Phillip calling himself a bastard....Melanie who is a legitimate bastard talks to Nathan. So everyone is talking to people they used to have sex with...except Chloe who just sleeps with everyone.

Sami and EJ discuss moving in, but she's still not sure. EJ wants Stefano to help out a bit by going with a "I'm dying" look. Sami talks to Caroline about the whole thing, and poor Caroline is going to have a heart attack. She wants her to talk to Marlena because she needs counselling!!! Caroline thinks Sami is a MORON!! So after the 80th person warns her not to....Sami agrees to move in. Stupid!

Hope interrogates Nicole, who really didn't do anything. There was no real point to this only to show that Nicole is a bitch and Hope is an annoying bitch. Nicole goes to Stefano asking for help. She vows to make him look bad in the, it's Stefano? The whole town pretty much knows he is evil. This is NOT breaking news. Hope is working really hard to catch herself. Cannot wait until she get to arrest herself, handcuff herself, and read herself her rights. Baker is playing cards and winning lots of cash. He goes to leave town but that crazy version of Hope stops him. Okay Crazy Hope needs to stop wearing the same outfit...that outfit has not been washed!

Previews: Stephanie tells Adrienne that nothing/no one will get in the way of her happiness. She should have just said that she is going to trap her boyfriend in a loveless relationship by getting pregnant. That is always a good way to get a guy's respect and love. Look how it worked out for wait. Yikes. Crap Stephanie is going to try to breed! Scary!

Chloe tells Phillip that the slut set her up. So now Carly is a slut now? What the hell does that make Chloe? Chloe doesn't even wear underwear so that the town has easy access. Maybe Chloe feels threatened by Carly's eyebrows and the fact she can raise them higher?

Hope tells Baker that they are just beginning. Well is this story going to go anywhere?? That would be nice. This isn't Hope, this isn't Gina...its a hybrid character Hona!! HONA! The Man hating pistol whipper.

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