Thursday, April 8, 2010

One of THOSE Episodes of Days to Live Through

Chloe and Phillip observe the Danny/CarCar/Mel bonding session all over again. Melanie likes Carly all of a slutten, and let's place bets as to how long this will last. Chloe wants to talk, Daniel does not.....Daniel loses because Chloe will cut off his balls if he does not go talk to her. Carly somehow thinks HEY maybe this is not a good idea of sleeping over! Daniel decides to go talk to Chloe so the threesome in his mind can proceed. Vivian notices that Carly has no man around....she only has two people, and is not sleeping with the whole town. That is Chloe and Sami's job! Melanie notices Chloe's bitch face, and Phillip says Carly is a problem. Holy Heart Attack Batman..Melanie says its more complicated than that! She keeps defending her mom and Carly might start thinking she loves her or something.

Nathan sees Stephanie playing pool......Shit it's going to be one of THOSE DAYS.

Sami is complaining to Roman how her life sucks.....yep one of THOSE DAYS!

EJ admits to Stefano that he was behind the kidnapping. Stefano seems disgusted which is funny considering all the shit Stefano has pulled. Stefano thinks Sami will get the kids...EJ can still get custody...Sami screws up THAT much that it's not a sure win. EJ says Stefano is not using the DVD, and he is going to stop him by any means necessary....old man. Had to throw in the OLD MAN part just to annoy Stefano..who CLEARLY semi dyes his beard.

Kate and Will are planning his move to La Casa Di DiMera. It's all Will's decision to move there, but Will worries his mother will be a vindictive bitch and not let him see his sister if he moves there.

Sami tells Roman about the Will situation, and how everyone hates her because EJ lives there now. Roman says she is an idiot. NOW you call her that! TOO LATE! Rafe is mad at her because she lied for him, and Roman is angry she lied to the police. Roman asks Sami if she knows what the root of her problems is...what is he Marlena now?? Sami guesses RIGHT and says her problem is HERSELF. Roman ruins everything though and blames EJ. Um, while EJ sucks...Sami's problem is SAMI!

EJ needs to stop throwing around chess's RUDE and he is harming the props. Stefano wants to show the DVD, EJ says it does not leave the room. And just as I was about to comment that there HAS to be more than one copy..of course Stefano confirms that. EJ won't let him do that and is essentially going to kill Stefano. That is STUPID. Stefano DOES NOT die!

Carly thinks Vivian looks bad...well yeah we all do. And who are you Carly to be throwing stones with your outfit choices? She asks Vivian if she's sick...maybe she can recommend a doctor who actually works there. Vivian brings up Bo's trip and how Carly's all alone, but Carly feels safe. Viv comments that Larry was safe until he got gutted by his wife....well DETAILS. Larry was so crazy he didn't worry about being safe or not...he worried about flicking his cigarettes at Carly! Daniel walks up and says he is going to have Vivian committed....however, he sees two Vivians so the choice of which one is going is going to be difficult.

Gaby.....ONE OF THOSE DAYS! Madeline listens to Gaby defend her brother, then explains that whatever happens not to blame Chad for anything. She tells Gaby that Chad defended, is she trying to get her son laid? Chad admits he does not think Rafe did it because he is not a violent person........just stupid.

Kate tells Will not to worry about his siblings. Will thinks its weird he is moving in with the DiMeras because EJ moved into Sami's....funny how that works and thanks for the big waste of time. Sami starts complimenting EJ to Roman...OMG I'd move out too Will! Roman has to remind Sami that DiMera's DO NOT CHANGE. They should take tips from Obama. Stefano seems confused by the fact EJ is threatening to kill him. EJ has to spell it out that is exactly what he is doing. Sami is still defending EJ...can someone kill her? Rafe does not accept Sami for who she is and EJ does. That is because EJ is not picky and likes his rape victim's to stay the same!

Will feels like there is something wrong................ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

Stephanie is on a date......good she needs sex in a bad way with someone who knows what they are doing. She introduces Nathan to her date, and Nathan is a jackass. He butts in and says Stephanie has plans and cannot go out with him. Um, RUDE and not attractive...oh wait this is Nathan we are talking about.

Phillip wants Melanie to give Chloe a break....anyone else you've slept with that you want her to like? Melanie must have had her Wheaties because she is making more sense than usual. She has no problem with's CHLOE who has a problem with CARLY. She should play lotto she sounds so smart. Daniel says that while he is committing Vivian, he'll throw in Victor too for marrying her, and Carly is giggling like a 5 year old. Carly tells him to leave, and he does so with that Chloe woman GRRRRR! Vivian starts with her comments and Carly shuts her up. Carly used a knife on Lawrence but she gonna use a syringe on Viv. FINALLY CARLY stands up for herself. Yet then she backs down and wants Vivian to live so she can torture her by telling her, nice backhanded slap to yourself

Nathan is aggressive with Steph's date and decides to touch him inappropriately. Date boy leaves to make a phone call. Stephanie asks Nathan who he thinks he one cares!!!

Roman tries to explain to Sami that she is still being an idiot. DiMera's NEVER forgive people. EJ continues to tell Stefano that he is going to kill him. Then decides to disown his father. Normally you can kill people and not disown them beforehand. Usually the person dying is aware that you are not fond of them if you are killing them.

Daniel and Chloe are at the pub...who doesn't need a drink when they are around Chloe? He brings up the DUMBEST IDEA EVER. I should just refer to it as D.I.E from now on. It kind of fits the situation actually.

Vivian thinks Carly is going crazy...pot meet kettle Viv. And just when you thought that Carly's days of having a man fight her battles were over...YOU WERE WRONG!!! Phillip saves Carly from Vivian. Vivian says that everyone takes Carly's, NOT on this show? Is there a character named "Everyone" because that is the dumbest statement and to make Vivian say that...SHAME ON YOU WRITERS! Melanie asks Carly a favor...she wants to be a nurse again! Carly is so excited she almost tackles her kid inappropriately with a bear hug.

Kate and Will leave as Chad, Mad, and Gab walk in. Mad is really nice to Gaby which makes me extremely suspicious because there is no reason to be nice to that little brat. Will asks about how Chad's dad is doing, and him and Chad talk. Madeline and Kate have a weird little stare down......oh they must be in a cougar club together! That or they were both prostitutes at the same time.

Speaking of clubs, Sami thinks Roman, Rafe and Brady should start We hate EJ club...too late the fans of the show formed that a while back! Also, you would think that everyone hating EJ would be a BIG TIP that he is not good news. Sami is doing what she can to keep things good between her and the father of her kids. Just EJ though and not the father of her other kids because he was written off the show.

Chloe is "fine" with Carly moving in, and Daniel senses that she is not being that sincere. Okay is the girl supposed to jump up and down with excitement? ....although I'm sure she does that for Daniel alot anyways. Chloe looks sooooooo annoyed! Daniel has to leave to go work and leaves Chloe all ALONE like she should be! Then, Chloe's best friend Father Matt rolls in. He Gangsta! Apparently Daniel and Chloe have been skipping their Pre-Cana sessions...and Jesus don't play that! He can tell something is wrong with Chloe because she has that I feel like crap look to her.

Phillip is considering making Melanie the reporter now....God this reporter storyline is riveting!

Speaking of pointless things....Nathan explains that Stephanie's date is a drug addict...WOW she knows how to pick them!

Sami comes home to find Will getting his shit together. Sami admits she overreacted and Will hits her with the revelation that he is not moving in with Lucas....but the DIMERAS! Stefano has no idea what is wrong with EJ...he's alive that's whats wrong. EJ picks up a letter opener to kill Stefano with and says he has to do it. HAHAHAHA letter opener is going to kill Stefano? that is a new one!

Wow even Father Matt thinks Plan D.I.E. is the most retarded thing he has ever heard. Why is Daniel the only one who does not see this?? Wow Matt calls Daniel a "clueless Dude." Who'd have thought I'd agree with a priest. Chloe then calls Carly a Manipulative Bitch..........*crickets*......*crickets* who actually uses the word bitch in front of a priest?? I'll tell you who....THE REAL BITCH! And Break out the holy water father!

Phillip wants Melanie to be the roving reporter. Can they please stop saying ROVING REPORTER?? Melanie seems to be enjoying the idea of being on television. However, she wants to be a nurse, but there is more to it. Who is going to the roving reporter then?? CLIFFHANGER!

Stephanie and Nathan...again. Not even going to we really have to? Although the kinky music is fun to listen to.

Madeline is STILL being nice to Gaby....still confused as to why but this is NOT REAL! She calls her lovely and EWW. Chad questions what his parents would think of her. Madeline thinks she is too young for Chad....she wants him to date OLDER WOMEN? Chad says hi to Kate, and this freaks Madeline out and she stops paying attention. Chad wonders what that was about but she changes the subject to Will, and how Chad should avoid the DiMeras. Kate stares from the outside, and Madeline looks worried. Another stare down! If Chad proves to be a DiMera like I always said.....bitches better give me a medal!

Sami says will cannot stay with the DiMeras....and Will points out that it's okay for EJ to stay with her. Sami reminds him its temporary...he responds he will stay at Stefano's temporarily...Omg Will is making sense and is doing a good job! OMG What show is this??! Sami says over her dead body...and Will didn't have to kill her or anything and just left!! Wow Will really is older than least mentally. My eyes actually hurt after the bad lighting in that scene.

Stefano's goon comes in and checks on things, but Stefano tells him to leave. Stefano asks if they have a problem, and EJ says not for long. Now the letter opener gets its own sound effects AND close ups. Can we give it a name too?? Like Pointy or Jimmy?

Um, Father Matt DID NOT yell at Chloe for the BITCH comment. What kind of priest is this? And EWW she just LIED to the priest and said she would have an honest talk with Daniel. Chloe says she hates Carly's stupid she turned 5...good for her! Vivian overhears and welcomes her to the club. What is with the club theme today?? And if Vivian and Chloe team up, that is another STUPID idea.

Melanie thinks working at the hospital will get her closer to her Dad........oh yeah, and that Carly lady too who kind of had her in a painful way. See here is where Melanie goes wrong. NOT working while standing around the hospital will get them closer to her. All Phillip wants is for her to be happy.....and also sex.

Nathan thinks Stephanie is "special". Agree completely....she is ......"special" He is still obsessed with Melanie, but asks Stephanie out anyway. She makes out with him.....WTF? He's just not that into you, but you make out with him anyway?

EJ cannot bring himself to stab Stefano with the letter opener. What a wimp!! Loser! He even throws the faux knife away. Now they are grabbing each other and breathing heavily....Stefano says he will always love him.....this is NOT a love scene. Sami comes in without knocking like she owns the place AGAIN! She wants to know what the hell they are doing. EJ gets up and decides its a good time to look out the window and cry. Good plan!!

Previews: Nicole tells Chloe she needs to face this head on and fight back. Well assuming this is about Carly. Funny thing is Nicole just made Carly sound like a disease that an entire village has to combat.

Carly and Hope. Carly admits that Hope drives her nuts, and Hope is glad she does. Okay, Hope drives EVERYONE don't think you are so special Manning! Though Hope sucks in general, it's nice to see her giving Carly a hard time. You would think she would attempt to stick it to her husband's mistress eventually.

Stefano holds the DVD and says the feature will begin. Do.......we.......get........popcorn?

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