Monday, May 3, 2010

That Bold Nicole's Boobs and the Beautiful Carly Manning is Satan!

So Carly Manning is to blame for everything. In fact, it's going to be therapeutic for us all to blame everything on Carly Manning. Global warming....Carly Manning's fault! Genocide....clearly a situation of Carly! Swine flu...let's face it she is a DOCTOR people...CARLY!!!

Phillip thinks Chloe is bat shit crazy, but she continues blaming everything on Carly. Carly Manning is the devil!! Which explains the ugly red outfit Carly decided to wear today. Vivian is excited her plan is working, and Carly is wondering WTF is going on. Clearly, the devil and Chloe lack the brain powers to realize they are being screwed with. Phillip tries to call Chloe to calm her down, but Chloe comes face to face with Satan at the end of the show. That lying, slutty, full of herself bitch....wait sorry I was describing Chloe. Now onto that devil woman Carly...hopefully Chloe rips her apart tomorrow because its obvious that people who are manipulative take others people's shit like Carly does. Satan=WIMP.

Satan is becoming friends with her daughter now. Melanie....who has red hair...the color of SATAN, decides it is time to be BFFs with her mom. This means Melanie will learn how to destroy everyone's life with the raise of one arched eyebrow. It is a skill very few of us have. Melanie also wonders why Chloe is a loony bitch. Meanwhile, Daniel and Nathan have male bonding time. Nathan is nervous because he knows Chloe is a whore.....the whole town knows except Daniel. Somehow Daniel thinks Nathan is uncomfortable because he is in love with Melanie. Yeah no its because he knows your fiancee sleeps with anything that breathes.

Phillip not only deals with the one night stand that won't go away Chloe, he also has to deal with Stephanie and Melanie. The poor man cannot catch a break. Stephanie wants to know that Phil and Mel are happy so that Mel does not go after Nathan again. Melanie overhears poor Phillip leaving Chloe a message to calm the fuck down. Stephanie decides that she has to pull out the big guns...or throw out the birth control in order to keep Nathan. The thought of Nathan and Stephanie breeding makes me ill. Why not pop some holes in the condoms while you are at it Steph....women like you should get Herpes! Side note: that had to be the biggest box of birth control I have ever seen. Were they chocolate birth control?

Brady tries to have sex with Arianna as usual. My favorite part is when he tries to convince her everyone in the house is asleep so its A-okay to have sex in a crowded mansion living room. Gaby comes over because she needs help with her lost paper. Clearly Carly Manning sent a virus to the little troll's computer. Damn that Manning! Nicole comes over and shows boobies, but Brady is tired of her games. Nicole exposes boobs once again, faking a phone conversation with Brady in front of Ari and Gaby. Love how Nicole just whips out her boobs to make a point...I admire her ballsy attitude. At least she OWNS her sluttiness.

Hope and Baker work out their relationship. She informs him she is a detective during the day and a thief at night. She even cries a little.....Carly Manning's fault. Baker falls for her crying girl routine, and the new Hope is all excited she gets to mug another man. That man would be BRADY!! Brady gets smacked on the head and falls like a lump. This time Hope decides that Brady is not just going to get robbed and pistol whipped, he is really going to pay....Thinking she is going to leave him a DVD of this episode.

Previews: Melanie asks Phillip what he is hiding. My guess he is hiding the sexually transmitted disease he got from that slut Chloe. Most people watching that sex scene also got pregnant by it. Good luck telling the truth Phil.

Chloe tells Carly she is never going to ruin anyone's life again. That's really unfair. She can still ruin Bo's life, Daniel's life, throw in Melanie in that equation...then obviously Hope, and why not Justin while she is at it. Chloe needs to be sedated and Carly needs to stay away from the crazy ass bitch.

Baker asks Hope what the hell she did. We know its not eating. In fact, she brands Brady with a tattoo. Love that Hope has found the time to go to Branding/Tattoo class but she still cannot eat no matter what personality she is.

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