Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As the Chloe Gets Naked

Melanie/Phillip/Nathan/Stephanie: I am convinced they have all had sex with each other. Yes ALL of them. I don't trust the way Nathan looks at Phillip. Melanie and Phil fight about Chloe and Daniel being all wrong for each other. LOVE how Melanie thinks Chloe is a cray cray unstable drama queen. She just doesn't want her dad dating herself. Nathan and Stephanie are on another boring date. Stephanie thinks that Phil is hiding a big secret, and he just thinks she is annoying. Nathan and Melanie discuss why Chloe sucks.....and how she blows in general. Notice all the dirty innuendo directed at Chloe.

Speaking of Chloe....Daniel wants her to "open" up. This show is kinky. Daniel wants to talk and Chloe does not. Daniel then tries to do what he does best and shut her up by having sex. I will say for someone who is crazy, at least Chloe has the decency to put on a bra that matches her outfit. She tells Daniel to "stop," a word he very rarely hears and he looks pissed someone told Chloe what that word meant. Chloe is all sad and wants to tell Daniel what she did......but she won't. Take a pregnancy test and then pop the news!

Caroline finds Arianna in the dark, and the bitch looks suspicious. Outside Roman gets mugged, branded, and Carly finds him. Caroline doesn't seem concerned that Roman was attacked if you ask me. Roman is going to be fine, unfortunately. He asks Carly to take care of Caroline and she looks frightened. At first, I thought I was joking.....but then later on it actually seems Carly FEARS Caroline Brady. Dumb Carly tells Caroline all about her conversation with Hope. Caroline is annoyed that Hope blames Bo for everything. Carly looks like she wants to get the hell out of there.

Nicole's plan is working perfectly and this is scaring even her. Baker is successful in planting the evidence, but pisses off Hope by telling her he is calling the shots. She quickly fixes this and tells us her ultimate target is Bo....okay not that its shocking, but can she get rid of Mia too? Nicole tells Caroline she is sorry for her loss, to which Caroline reminds her that Roman is not dead. Nicole is the best character ever. Caroline and Nicole do clear the air, and the granny wants Nicole to investigate the muggings. TEAM NARLY SPOTTING! Nicole asks Carly about Roman, but Carly cannot comment to the press. Okay it was short, Carly dissed her, but this is the beginning people!!! Had Nicole poured booze in Carly's coffee it would have went better.

All this time Brady and Arianna are in the background being their annoying selves. Abe announces that the DNA found on the planted evidence belongs to Ari...DUN DUN DUN! Okay why is the Mayor making that announcement in a waiting room to people not on the police force? Someone is not partaking in Taco Wednesday at the pub. Brady seems confused as to what DNA is though so maybe he will stand by her.

Previews: Melanie and Stephanie fight over a purse. Maybe it was the last one at the store? I hope that was really a Target bag or something because bitch better not be touching my designer bag. Melanie is obviously looking to score some birth control in Steph's purse. Can Melanie just ignore Steph and stop acting like she is 5?

Chloe says something about Daniel finding out about Phillip. She has to stop talking to herself so loudly and mentioning sex if she does not want to get caught. Ironically, if she told Daniel the truth he would probably forgive her. But noooooooooo she is going to stretch this out until she gives birth. Why doesn't she just tell Carly or something....oh wait...that does eventually happen. OOPS.

Abe asks Ari if she has anyone to backup her alibi. If I were Ari I would claim that this is racial profiling. Seriously the minority gets questioned first, RUDE. She was obviously trying to sleep in her black jumpsuit with her hair done perfectly. Oh Ari has bad luck, the lady is always having sex with her boyfriend and OF ALL night's to wear black she picks that one. Had she been wearing a teddy when she ran out everything would have been fine.

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