Friday, May 21, 2010

Guiding Anna...Through Rafe's Screaming

Will and Stefano are friends!! No this is not a joke, and its the fabulous truth. TEAM WILLFANO! Sami yells at Will for his bad grades, and then EJ gets on his case. Lucky for Will, Stefano offers the solution of fixing his grades for him. Side note: Will mentioned that Rafe was the reason for his good grades.....seriously Days? If Rafe is good at Algebra then Chloe is becoming a nun. Sami and EJ worry that Stefano wants to mentor Will, and they should be! Will has already cut his hair and he thinks Stefano is awesome! Look out Salem!! New Will is amazing!! Oh yeah by the way EJ and Sami are about to kiss. Ten bucks says something interrupts them...AGAIN!

Rafe is on this episode hovering over Anna. Nothing happens! Rafe just shouts at the poor woman in bed and I hope Leann wore ear plugs. Stefano tells EJ that he took care of Anna even though Rafe found her. He would never kill Anna, just put her in a little coma. That was sweet of him. Anna finally wakes up at the end and hopefully she is packing a weapon to stab Rafe with.

Melanie and Stephanie are still fighting. Had Melanie gone for the bumpit Stephanie would have lost. Maggie and a nurse separate them and Maggie wants to know what the hell happened. Melanie doesn't tell her anything good and Maggie should be Mayor of the town because she puts bitches in their place! Melanie tells Phillip what Stephanie is doing and he thinks she is a moron too. After the 90th flashback to Chloe sex, he decides to reward his wife for her honesty and takes her upstairs to do it! Across town Stephanie is having sex with Nathan...yet is having Melanie flashbacks during sex because Nathan is THAT good.

Daniel confronts Phillip about the Vivian and Victor dinner, and he wonders if Phillip can help him with Chloe. Going to your son in law who used to have sex with your girlfriend is never a good idea. Daniel is consistent though and goes to the next person who can obviously help....FATHER MATT?! Well actually Father Matt knows Chloe reallllllyyyyyy well. In the biblical sense and everything! Also, I realized Daniel has no man friends!! He should get some dudes together and ask their advice. My advice: dumb the scary bitch who is good in bed and sleep around like you used to until you figure out that you love her again and then sleep with her like nothing happened.

Chloe tells Nathan off and brings up Melanie stupidly. Nathan has no clue what Melanie has to do with anything, but he finally realizes that Chloe is a cray cray lost cause. Next time someone offers you sex therapy...TAKE IT CHLOE! Carly returns after Nathan leaves and says she heard everything.....yeah she really didn't. Carly Manning is a big liar! Chloe starts screaming that IT WAS JUST ONE TIME!! Carly is like HUH? WHAT? Somehow Carly puts it together that Chloe has just admitted that she cheated on Daniel. Maybe Carly should be a cop because it only took her one commercial break to figure everything out!

Previews: EJ yells at Stefano that he thought the Anna crap was over. Trust us EJ, we wish it was over too. James Scott may ad lib a confession to Sami with the amount of time this storyline has taken to play out. Just let him get busted already so we can move on with our lives.

Hope asks Brady if he knew about Ari's record. Doesn't the whole damn town know by now that this girl was in jail for drug dealing? Seriously, love the fact that one of the tiniest, innocent looking people survived a women's prison. Yeah, right! That girl would not last a week in the joint with her crying.

Carly tells Chloe that she wants her to tell Daniel the truth. Okay Carly is so nosy and had no right going to talk to Chloe in the first place. And if you are going to eavesdrop listen to the WHOLE conversation. The reason people hate Carly: She puts herself in these STUPID positions! Like Carly is really going to get Chloe to tell the truth. Rightttt! Carly is terrified of Caroline Brady, she cannot take on cray cray Chloe!

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  1. love reading your posts about Days. youre so witty and hilarious!


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