Monday, May 10, 2010

The Old and the Adorable: Team Viggie or Magtor?

Will walks in on Sami and EJ, stopping them from finishing their almost kiss. This is why you use protection people! So your past mistakes do not interrupt you from making future ones. Will is convinced Sami is lying and that she has feelings for EJ. She says she just feels gratitude towards him....The rapists are in love people. Let them have their rapist love and then it'll all come crashing down because that's what always happens. What I want to know is where the hell did Will get common sense from? His parents are idiots. EJ wants to talk about their almost kiss, but Sami insists there is nothing between them, EJ disagrees....awwww they are arguing already. Its sad but I think EJ can do better!

Anna and Calliope argue for the entire show. Anna is suspicious that Calliope is asking so many questions. She thinks she is working with the cops, or she is going to sell her story for money. After Calliope FINALLY convinces her otherwise, Anna passes out from all the booze intake. Hopefully these two were really drunk with all the crap dialogue they had to repeat.

Arianna wants to help Brady find his mugger. That is all that really occurred. In other news, Arianna still has bad fashion sense, and Brady has an entire box of gauze placed on the back of his head.

Nicole learns about underground gambling. She calls herself Dee Dee.....clearly a shout out to her bra size. She hustles everyone and wins a load of cash, but also a money clip she recognizes as Brady's. She tracks down the man, reveals herself as a reporter, and gets the guy to call Baker for a late night poker game. Nicole and Baker meet at the end and she cannot believe he is alive and he looks like he got tasered. This whole let's frame Arianna storyline coming up....yeah not interesting.

Speaking of not interesting....HOPE! She is sooooo close to catching...Herself! This storyline could be so much better, but today for instance we saw Hope for a total of 3 minutes. She put her kid to sleep, which is not THAT hard to do, and then she popped her pills. And if this wasn't riveting enough tomorrow the new Hope does a 180 and likes her some Carly!! There is no way I am pimping a Hope/Carly friendship sorry. Carly has been through enough, despite the fact that Team COPE has a nice ring to it, as does Team CARPE, and HARLY...OMG they have the BEST names!

Melanie is going to tell Nathan everything...but she tells him NOTHING. She advises him to take things slower with Stephanie. Still wondering how this is any of her business right now. Stephanie thinks shes told Nathan, but she quickly realizes he knows nothing. Steph takes things further and throws her pills OFF the PIER this time. Well at least this made her a wee bit smarter. Some fisherman is going to have birth control now. Can we pray the birth control gets into the town water supply and goes straight into Sami's beverages? Melanie takes the high road and tells Maggie all about it. Maggie and Victor flirt a little. She asks Melanie to be nicer to Victor, and she complies. This man is snarky and amazing, but seeing his softer side with Maggie and Melanie is charming. Victor has finally got over that old bat Caroline, and has moved his attention to someone at least as equally charming in Maggie.

Previews: Vivian overhears Chloe screaming that Carly is a poisonous bitch. Watching Chloe freak the fuck out is not fun anymore. It's getting really sad and hopefully after she attacks Carly, which we all know is going to happen, they ship her to the psych ward. Figures the one person who needs meds isn't taking them, but the whole rest of the damn town is on medication.

Carly and Hope have a chat. I'm just in shock Carly has more clothing. Someone went shopping, or raided Adrienne's closet. Hope tells Carly she does not hate her guts instead lets all hate BO! New Hope liking Carly makes absolutely no sense, but let them bond and do their thing. First thing they should both do is go to the salon/spa and get full on makeovers, while Carly calls for a pizza....that Hope really needs to eat.

Nicole tells Baker...or DICKIE as he is known in prison, that he is going down. Wow that whole sentence is filled with sexual innuendo. Bet that is not the first time the Doctor has heard that line.

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