Monday, May 17, 2010

The Bold Bumpit and the Beautiful

Hope has to deal with the little devil she spawned and thinks the brat is making up stories about having conversations. While Hope is correct in thinking SeeWhoreA is cray cray, she is wrong about the stories obviously. Also, we learn about how dangerous taking medication can Hope starts having feelings for Justin. That is one gross and deranged side effect. Hope slips on her black outfit, her bumpit, and that gross makeup and off she goes to find Baker with Nicole. While appreciating that Hope has problems, can we please get her a new nighttime outfit?? Even an alter has to realize that clothes start to smell when you wear them for weeks.

Nicole is in full framer mode. She gets caught stealing Ari's wine glass, but Kinsey helps her out. Arianna is having problems with Nicole, which translates into her having problems with Brady. Brady and Arianna need to just break up already because they are wasting our time. Maybe when Arianna hits her head and figures out she is Theresa I will root for her! Nicole is planting evidence but Baker tells her that he has to speak to his partner. While he might be gay, Baker meant his partner Hope. This Nicole/Baker/Hope/Arianna/Brady business is not my favorite thing in the world! Hope just better attack Roman quickly so I get back to enjoying her.

Brady and Sami are talking like they are old friends, and still not understanding this and their fake sibling relationship. Anyways, Sami tells him she would take Rafe back, but she's shaking up with the British dude instead. This makes perfect sense. Just get over Rafe already, so you get with EJ then realize his scumbag ways and go back to Rafe.

EJ and Stefano are arguing about Anna and the Sami situation. Will overhears EJ defending Sami and her decision to move back to her place if she chooses. EJ has become nicer, however he is still hiding that secret that will blow up in his face eventually. Will sees the softer side of EJ, and he might be crushing on him a bit. Will is nicer to Sami too, so he might have smoked some pot. They all have a family game of poker with Sydney and Johnny. Sydney's hair is growing in nicely and she is still my favorite child! Johnny has gross hair and annoys the crap out of me. Although arresting his father was a great way of foreshadowing what could happen on this show in the near future.....if this show had great writing that is.

Rafe and Anna. Anna and Rafe. Huge waste of time because she blames Sami for everything when its obviously all Carly Manning's fault. Seriously, this whole thing is taking way too long. Rafe catches Anna trying to get away and she is poisoned by her room service. Her fake choking does not seem to phase Rafe at all. Maybe he will get the hint when she is passed out on the floor. Side note: Love how Johnny has arrested EJ before Rafe!!! Rafe cannot even interrogate people correctly, let alone arrest them.

Previews: Hope asks Baker what happened to the trust between partners. So nighttime Hope is as stupid as the regular Hope. This is depressing. Can this lady at least be smarter?? Why would you go on and on about hating men and then team up with a shady weird man who wears Bermuda shirts? This makes no sense and she is lucky that she attacks Roman next because that scores points with me.

Rafe screams at Anna for answers as to who kidnapped Sydney. And she is clearly choking/gagging. Usually that is the first sign that something is wrong, but this is Rafe we are dealing with. Most people call for help, but Rafe is that special breed of species that is oblivious to what is going on in front of him. Clearly I am not a Rafe fan.

Sami says to EJ that she will kill whoever did this. "This" probably means kidnapping Sydney, and EJ has pooped his knickers once again. Love how we have to watch these two fall in love with each other all over again, and then BOOM she is going to learn he was the scumbag.

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