Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Brady to Brand

Chloe and Carly are still fighting. Chloe is insane and Carly is letting her be insane. Manning is a chicken who will not fight back, when all the other chick is doing is screaming with the crazy eyes. Thankfully Daniel comes home and ends the cat fight that was lacking the cat and the fight. He even thinks Chloe needs to be sedated. OMG can Hope make an exception and hit Chloe over the head?? The hotel man does not back up Chloe's story and makes her look even more crazy in Daniel's eyes. Chloe you are not paranoid...you are insanely stupid and should start having a drug problem as soon as you can. Wait you are probably knocked up...nevermind!

Nathan and Stephanie have their unprotected sex. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Somewhere a homeless person is having safe sex with Stephanie's birth control. Hopefully that person slides them little miracle pills to Sami Brady.

Phillip and Melanie discuss the crazy Chloe and her fake baby. Mel thinks its strange, and so does Phillip but he backs up the fact that the woman is deranged and has been through alot. Phillip keeps having Chloe sex flashbacks and looks terrified. Here I thought he had fun. Chloe is giving him performance issues when usually she makes people rise to the occasion. Everyone is having a medical issue up in this biotch.

Hope finishes up with Brady and in her wisdom decides that Baker might not be telling the truth at all times. Wow this new Hope just might be smarter than the original. She knows she is a cop, but does not know that she attacks close friends and colleagues? Bring on the Ambien! By the way, Hope's bump it today was on extra tight and very profound. Perhaps that's why she branded Brady of all people. Best part was when she exposed his chest. Hope thinks she might be having strange dreams but does not remember then....she runs into the same problem around breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Nicole and Gaby have a better argument than Chloe and Carly. Yeah, leave it to the drunken slut and little scrappy annoying troll to have the better fight. They go all Latina on one another with the Spanish words. I was offended when Gaby ruins Nicole's martini. That was RUDE! Brady staggers in and Gaby and Nicole call for help. When they arrive at the hospital we finally get a TEAM NARLY SCENE!!! Nicole + Carly = NARLY...drunken BFFs for life! Carly can smell the booze on her and keeps her away......coincidence? I think not!

Roman investigates what has happened to Brady. Carly shows him the weird ass tattoo he has on his chest. Boy did they get all judgmental over that tattoo. Have they seen Bo's tattoos? They instantly blame the booze hound Nicole. Sureeeeee blame the one that reeks of alcohol...if that's the case let's go arrest Caroline now. That lady totally slams down a few every day. Roman questions Nicole, but Gaby proves that she has an alibi. Roman and Carly use big smart words like FREAKY to describe the brand. This Roman working bull has to stop...hopefully SOMEONE hits him over the head.

Previews: Calliope is back!!!!! Who doesn't love a lady with an annoying voice who serves no real purpose but to betray her friend?? Wait. that sucks! Was never a big Calliope fan but bringing her back to betray her good friend...RUDE!

Kate and Sami fight again. These two living in the same house might be the best part of this storyline. Missing the Days of Kate trying to frame Sami for every crime you can possibly imagine. Kate is the greatest mother in law ever! Marry her kid and you will probably either go to jail or be potentially killed. At least she is not neglectful like Sami.

Stefano tells EJ no one is going to find Anna. Well we know that's not the case. Seriously you hid "Susan" all those years ago and no one found her...even though it was really Kristen and he doesn't know. Which by the way still makes NO SENSE to this day. Normally fathers look for their missing children. Why not stick Anna in a harem as well? She likes the sex! And I am sorry but if RAFE of all people finds her....she was not well hidden.

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