Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Mia To Get Rid of NOW!

Nicole, my FAVORITE character was boring this episode. She spent the whole time threatening Baker and framing Arianna. She wants Arianna framed for the next attack, and makes sure Arianna does not have an alibi. After Brady and Arianna fight for the 1,000th time, Arianna goes to her apartment and is alone. While Arianna is not my favorite person this story is lame. HOWEVER, since Arianna went to bed with all that mascara and makeup on.....bitch needs to be locked up by the po po.

Hope tells Baker if he gives her up she will kill him. He tries to figure out why she hates men so much. I just want to know why she can't wear a different outfit and gain 5 pounds? She has the next target picked out: its ROMAN! Approve of this decision and she should brand his face! Roman has had it coming since the beginning of time. His stupidity deserves this reward. BTW Can we attack Justin again because that was fun too?

Anna gets poisoned by Stefano. It takes passing out in her chocolate cake for Rafe to realize something is wrong. We get a hint of Spanish Tuesday with the hotel staff, paramedics, and doctors telling us "Dios Mio." Turns out Anna's condition is not good and Stefano succeeded in shutting her up for the time being. Question: Why could he have not poisoned Rafe instead? Rafe is the one after his family member and can we put him in a coma?

Sami is upset because Sydney does not like her. Well Sydney is not the only one! By the way Sydney is wearing a very fashionable tutu, which proves she is already one step ahead of Sami. Sami wants the kidnapper to pay for what they did, meaning go to jail for 3 months or buy their way out of prison time. EJ wants to cry because he is in love with Sami, but knows that being the kidnapper screws everything up. They ALMOST kiss but they blow it. Please just kiss already and get it over with! Its hysterical that two rapists cannot make a move on one another!

Oh Mia wants to leave town...........................................................Maggie convinced her to stay. RUDE! SOOOOOOOOOO Not happy! Can we all just chip in and buy her a bus ticket?

Previews: Arianna asks Brady why this is happening. Why do I hope this is an ad lib? Seriously the story is going nowhere and it is happening because the writers do not know what to do with the Brady/Arianna/Nicole love triangle. JUST BREAK UP!

Hope tells Baker she has her reasons. Well thank God for that. There is a reason you are insane? Wow cannot wait to hear it and the stupidity of blaming a pill for your freak disorder. What is the reason for the hair? Because that is what I am really judging.

Carly calls 911 for Roman. He forgot the number. Actually I am surprised she doesn't call a real doctor for help. If I were Carly I'd do everyone a favor and just leave him there. Something tells me Bo will not be happy with her though. Let's all blame Carly that Roman got attacked. She found him!

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