Friday, May 28, 2010

The Booze and the Best Wedding Ever!

So Days was preempted yesterday and yesterday's episode is shown today! Honestly thank GOD that someone made this decision because this episode was probably the BEST and FUNNIEST episode of Days that I have seen in a long time.

Maggie tries to get Victor to run away but its too late. Victor is marrying Vivian because he has to keep his word in order to protect his family. Everyone wants to leave but Maggie convinces everyone to stay because it would ruin Vivian's plan to separate Victor from his loved ones. Okay over the course of the hour we were treated to the best eye rolling, disgusted faces, giggles, and snarky jokes I have ever seen on ONE episode of the show. Since so much happened at this party I will describe some highlights.

The Ex Wives of Victor Photo: Nicole gathers herself, Vivian, Kate, and Carly for a photo op that Victor cannot wait to display in his Den. Four bitter women and booze just made the Real Housewives of Victor a pretty good webseries idea! Also, the four ladies had flashbacks to their weddings. Kate misses Victor, Nicole wanted to puke, Carly was disgusted with her wedding dress and Victor, and Vivian cried.

BOOZE: The booze was flowing at this wedding! Nicole had about 4 Martinis and some champagne. Also Nicole and Kate were getting along because they couldn't help laughing at the situation. I still think it was the BOOZE! Victor got in on the action when he stopped the ceremony for some Scotch.

Bad Wedding memories: Who doesn't love snarky comments about past bad weddings? Chloe remembered being poisoned by Kate, Shootings on the roof were brought up, now this is real love!

Melanie HATES Chloe: I just found a new reason to love Melanie. She does not like Chloe. She realizes that Chloe is all wrong for her dad, and can you blame the girl? Chloe is acting like a cray cray! She freaks out when Daniel announces that they are getting married very soon. Bo even tries to get on Melanie's side when he tells her the Vivian/Victor wedding is his fault. Phillip has his flashback sex, and someone needs to get him some porn to distract him from that. Melanie is going to have an interesting couple of months!!

Now unfortunately I have to get back to the rest of the episode. Okay then....

Rafe. Rafe gets a dangerous cellmate who might kill him. Wow this has promise. Okay no it doesn't because it is Shane Donovan. Mr. Sheffield is in jail for trying to assassinate the President. Whateverrr. The best part is how shocked he is that Sami had another baby! Yeah Shane she just never stops!

Hope and SeeWhoreA are still arguing over that damn treasure box that is under her bed. First off how amazing is it that Hope holds on to those ice skates the entire conversation. She knows her kid is crazy and will use them as weapons. Secondly, just LOOK under your damn bed already! She arrives at the mansion and someone wasn't invited to the wedding!! No presents for Vivian! She walks in to see Vivian throw the bouquet and Carly catching it. Bo is probably shitting his pants in the other room.

Previews: Nathan doesn't want to give up John Hopkins just to be with Steph. Well WOW. That is a strong declaration of love right there. In Fact, I say run out and screw his brains out Steph! JFC Nathan needs a chick manual. These two are so wrong for one another, and its starting to make me very resentful that ANY woman, even Stephanie, would put up with this crap.

Chloe tells Carly that she is trying to ruin her life and Daniel's life. Well if Salem wasn't so boring, and Carly had a better storyline than MAYBE this wouldn't be the case Chloe. Unfortunately, you have a big mouth and Carly knows everything so she has to ruin your life so that her life looks better than yours. Plus its not like she is a Doctor or anything and in a relationship to be bothered with you. No wait....she is a Doctor, and she has a job, a new kid, um friends now...... Wait why is Carly doing this?

EJ says that if she will have him, he will be Arianna's lawyer. So he is now defending the woman who MIGHT have mugged him. Obviously EJ has half a brain and can tell Ari was framed. Also, I have been saying these two should at least do it for months now! This leads me to believe I am RIGHT and they will hook up at least once. Does DAYS read my stuff? Hmmmm only time will tell.

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