Wednesday, May 5, 2010

General Hospital Gowns Worn Backwards

Let us celebrate the return of Calliope...or as I fondly remembered her "The Lady with the big ass hats and Jersey accent." Really I have a special place in my heart for Calliope because she is the voice of Harley Quinn in the Batman series. Anyways, the two friends reunite in the Tropical Paradise. The Flashback to the 80s showed Big hair, Shoulder Pads, Overdone Makeup,....wait I'm talking about the show currently nevermind. Anna and Calliope share uncomfortable moments the whole episode and finally it is revealed that Rafe is behind the whole thing. So a nice reunion is tainted by the obnoxious caveman.

Roman thinks Sami is bat shit crazy for moving back in with EJ. Kate and Sami fight for most of this episode. Neither one is mother of the year, but at least Kate had the courtesy to drive all of her boring delinquent children out of Salem to be never seen/heard from for lengthy periods of time. Sami meanwhile continues to neglect her children IN TOWN. Meanwhile, Stefano insists that Anna is hidden away and he and EJ are safe. EJ has reached a state of happy on the show that could only mean, something finally BAD is going to happen to him. Sami discusses with EJ how moving in is NOT a good idea. Yes Sami, we do not move in with our rapists.

Hope finds time to accuse her little demon serial killer child of playing with her makeup. It's funny that we are to believe that Hope owns makeup. A mortician works on this chick everyday. And if the little creeper was going to be going threw anything it would be the fridge because she clearly weighs more than mom. Hope overslept in her ugly blue pajamas so she missed Roman's message about Brady's mugging. Victor is not pleased that Hope is on the case.....and he was her biggest fan too! She recognizes Brady's new brand as a Celtic symbol of the Goddess Brigid. Anyone else think that the Days writer's had a love affair with Google one weekend?

Brady is in his hospital bed getting smothered by Victor and Vivian. My favorite catch of the day: Brady is wearing his hospital gown BACKWARDS! It is hysterical because none of the other men on the show were forced to bare their chests....just poor naked Brady. However, this was a highlight and NOT a complaint. Brady has Nicole time, then he has some Ari time, and then he gets stuck with Hope. Obviously God punished Brady in sequential order.

Nicole and Ari argue, but really their main problems are the hideous outfits that Days wardrobe has put them in. We have the lime green cheetah versus the bubble gum satin jam. Vivian warns Ari that Nicole is up to something......Shouldn't Vivian be trying to kill Carly or drive Chloe insane?? Nicole is looking into underground gambling rings for her next news story...which is a nice way to reconnect with Baker. And then she'll use Baker to frame Arianna for the muggings. Lovely when plans come full circle like this. Days is clearly a fan of Recycling.....stories.

Previews: What is Cinco de Mayo without the Hernandez family?!! The two girls are talking about their brother Rafe, because when young sisters get together they ALWAYS have discussions about their big brothers.

Rafe threatens Calliope. Poor Calliope had to come back just to betray her friend because of the big idiot! Also, when characters return is it in their contracts that they all have to deal with RAFE! Seriously, Carly, Anna, and now CALLIOPE all had to deal with this guy. Maybe he will move in with Justin and Adrienne when they eventually reunite.

EJ warns Stefano about what will happen if Anna is found. Normally talking loudly in rooms about the people affiliated with one's grand kidnapping scheme is how one is really going to get caught you jackass!

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