Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guiding Carly...Through the Crazy People

Nicole meets up with Baker's and learns all about how he faked his death. Seriously who cares how he pulled it off. This is Salem where people survive being blown up. After the shock of his survival wears off, Nicole threatens to expose him. He asks for some compassion and empathy...after Nicole googles what those words mean she decides those are not common Nicole traits. Just get this woman booze! After seeing Brady and Ari making out, Nicole decides she wants Arianna to be the next victim. Well that idea is dumb because she'd just giving the girl a headache...although Arianna always gives me one so it is a fair trade.

BTW Arianna is STILL complaining about Nicole being in love with Brady. Brady is so sick of her shit that he kisses her to shut her up. Fix your real problems...your ugly ass shirt!

Fake Hope goes out on the town. She runs into Carly and basically weirds her the fuck out. She tells Carly she doesn't hate her, starts complimenting her, and then bashes Bo. Carly gives a look that would indicate she wants the whole town medicated. Hope pays Baker a visit and decides to end things with him when he announces that Nicole knows he is alive. Hope is confident no one will catch her. Well yeah that is because she is investigating herself and even the FAKE Hope knows the REAL Hope is stupid.

So poor Carly has to deal with a crazy Chloe in the hallway talking nonsense, then a whacked out Hope, and THEN if that's not enough she talks to Daniel. Its like a cherry on the top of a shitty day. BTW love how Carly has a new outfit....at NITE! At least its not her manly scrubs. Daniel tells her about his bogus run in with big hotel man. Hotel man insists that Chloe is a whack job. Daniel is starting to believe this theory and shares it with Carly....while Chloe is listening of course. Chloe leaves and Daniel feels the need to blame everything on Chloe's fake pregnancy. Carly needs to go all Hope on him and hit the idiot over the head.

Chloe is being her whiny self and blaming Carly for EVERYTHING. Kind of like I do actually, except when I do it it's fun. Carly gave me cramps by the way. Vivian enjoys that Chloe is turning into a bat shit crazy freak, so she offers her friendship. Together they will handle the evil bitch that is Carly Manning. Can they just hurry up and get their revenge on her because this is really lame and drawn out? Bo needs to come back and rescue Carly from the crazies that encompass her social circle.

And we end with the bright spot that is Maggie and Victor. Taking things slowly with this storyline makes sense because her husband just died. Viggie/Magtor whatever! These two are adorable, and I love that Victor is a jackass with a side of teddy bear. Vivian is immediately jealous that Victor is at Maggie's bedside. She should drop the Carly revenge and worry about her man! Hand holding and intense looks are going on! Okay I think they are cute, but I am definitely VETOing ANY form of a love scene...sorry folks I'm not that depraved.

Previews: Chloe tells Phillip she has to tell Daniel the truth. Are ya fucking kidding me? NOW you decide this? Why don't you just wait until you take your pregnancy test? Or when it is the kid's 1st birthday? Phillip needs to have Chloe removed from town, and by removed I mean straight jacket and the loony bin removed! Put her on that island harem with Kirsten or something.

Arianna says she is tired of letting Nicole walk all over her. Must be the bitch in me because I enjoy when Nicole walks all over her and disses her dumb ass. Arianna should learn how to be and bitch, and actually take Stephanie with her for lessons. Only way to beat a bitch is to be a bigger bitch back. Free lesson from the Hot Mess!

Nicole says she has something I want. Love how Nicole refers to Brady as "something." She even acknowledges that Brady is lacking in the brains and cannot be considered a "someone." Although the "something" is nice to look at, he makes Borat look like a genius. Side note: I can totally see Days putting Brady in a Borat bathing suit for shock value. Ewww.

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