Thursday, May 20, 2010

General Sex Therapy!

BO is back! Yeah the only person who cares is Carly. He tries to have sex with her even though she is wearing that hideous outfit. Maybe that was his plan to get her out of it. Anyway she brings up the ultimate turn off: Roman! UGH. Bo sees Hope at the hospital and its awkward staring time. Hope says she missed Bo, and poor Carly stands in the background playing with her own hands and acting like she got cramps.

There is so much evidence against Arianna now that it seems that she even thinks she did it. Nicole did such a great job framing her that the police are amazed they might actually solve this. Hope questions Ari and Brady thinks this whole thing is nuts. Hope wants a DNA sample from Ari. Okay normally when people are guilty they do not just hand over their DNA. That would be the FIRST clue that this girl was framed. Can we get her FBI brother's friends on this case? It clearly is having global ramifications. Nicole is watching this all and its still confusing why she gets to follow Arianna around wherever she goes.

Chloe had an active day....just not sexually active. She doesn't tell Daniel anything. She decides that lying is her best option. Phillip calls her annoyed that she is acting like a cray cray. She thinks everything will be fine, and oh yeah Nathan Knows!!! Phillip is livid and possibly plotting Chloe's assassination attempt in his mind. The girl don't shut up about their affair, but she wants it to be a secret. Nathan thinks Chloe needs sex therapy....yeah don't we all! Chloe suggests Nathan thinks she is a EVERYONE THINKS YOU ARE A WHORE. Chloe starts yelling so loud that she decides the door needs to be open when she shouts about sex therapy....and Carly hears everything. In fact Carly looks into the apartment with that "hmmm what's going on over here, your storyline looks more interesting" look!

Melanie decided that today would be Butt into everyone's business day. First, she wanted Nathan's opinion on Chloe. When he didn't say anything worthwhile she decided hmmm who can I bug now? DADDY!!! She sees Daniel at the hospital and asks to talk to him about HIS love life. WHAT?? That's so awkward. She wants to know if Chloe makes him happy...I think she meant to ask "Dad besides the hot sex why are you with Chloe who is about 5 years older than me on Days time?" Daniel just has the most charming women around him...I mean, really. Next Melanie decides HEY let's see if Steph is packing the birth control pills. Hopefully Stephanie does not take that YAZ shit. Steph and Mel have it out over Stephanie's purse.....a cheap Target bag thank God.

Things are missing from this recap like Baker, Nathan, Carly, Nicole, Brady, Arianna, and etc shit! NOTHING was of importance and it was mostly looks they all gave throughout the show that look like either someone farted in the room or they were trying to divide large numbers.

Previews: Daniel asks Phillip how he could do something like that. Actually this is a continuation of a scene that was on today at the end of the show. Daniel is talking about having dinner with Vivian and Victor, all while Phillip is thinking Daniel knows everything. Phillip is going to pee his pants.

Chloe tells Nathan that he thinks he has a shot with Melanie. UGH. Seriously I don't care if Nathan knows about the affair, but does Chloe really have to bring up Melanie. Let's get back to the sex therapy sessions....which are probably run by Father Matt.

Melanie is with Maggie asking Stephanie if she wants to explain herself. Okay call me crazy but does Melanie really have ANY proof that Stephanie is trying to get pregnant. Its possible to lose your birth control! Stephanie is just giving herself away with the not drinking and the jumping on top of her purse. Melanie should have just told Nathan what happened, and then Stephanie would have been caught in a lie. DONE PERIOD FINISHED! Hopefully this storyline does not last all summer.

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