Monday, May 24, 2010

The Wine and the Restless

Today's episode is sponsored in part by WINE and BOOZE. Almost everyone was drinking, and the people who weren't really needed a shot!

Carly is going to tattle on Chloe!!! Great another reason to dislike Carly, how many more do we need? Okay, it makes sense that she would want to tell Daniel but, this is seriously how you go about getting buried alive again. Stay out of other people's business and worry about your own life. Try that for one day! Carly is sad that she has ugly luggage and luckily Bo is there to have sex with. In fact, Carly FINALLY gets drunk and does something interesting. Perhaps this is a Carly turning point. Her and Bo finish a bottle of wine and drunkenly cannot find the other's buttons in order to have sex. We don't get the hot Phillip/Chloe action here because those two clearly handle their liquor better.

Daniel tells Bo how his stupid plan of having Carly move in didn't work. He tells Chloe that he wants to move the wedding day up. How does this fix their problems? Chloe wants to tell him the truth but he keeps interrupting her. Even he is tired of hearing her cry and whine. Daniel just wants Chloe to say YES to marrying him.....since when does Chloe say No? Yes, she said it last week but it was a fluke. She agrees to marry Daniel sooner rather than later. Hope Daniel can perform emergency DNA tests when this baby is born.

Rafe gets arrested for poisoning Anna, when really he should have been arrested for harassing her. Stefano is behind the whole thing. If you ask me, Rafe got what he deserved for being a moron. Anna finally wakes up to say EJ but NO ONE hears her confess he was the culprit. Also, we learn that Rafe is the cure for insomnia along with other characters. He dreams that he tells Sami he loves her. Notice there are no children and she has on a new outfit....yep a DREAM!

Which brings me to Ari and Brady!!! Okay Ari got framed, Nicole did the framing. Brady learns that Ari was in a gang, or in reality dated the gang leader. This girl knows how to pick em! Nicole warns Baker that the muggings have to stop, but he knows that will be a problem. Hope will have to deal with that eventually, but right now she has the little cyco SeeWhoreA on her hands. The little devil got into mom's wallet collection. Perhaps the nanny should be using restraints with that kid. The DNA tests reveal it was Arianna, and Brady is confused, which makes Arianna freak out. Unfortunately, the story is still lame.

Sami and EJ ALMOST kiss. Like they were so close and then DAMMIT! Stefano interrupts them and even I am annoyed. The faster they get together, then the bigger the fall out when she finds out he is an asshole. Or was an asshole, whatever you want to believe. Stefano applauds EJ for the way he is handling the situation, but THEN agrees with ME that this is going soooooo slow! Stefano wants EJ to hurry up and explain how he feels. Sami cannot sleep especially since we keep having to hear Sydney cry on the baby monitor. Was that necessary? Also, she comes down for some wine to help her sleep. At least she isn't popping pills like Hope. She tells EJ that she is in love with Rafe and wants a life with him. Okay Rafe is a boring moron, and its obvious you are obsessed with the British dude! Just be dumb, take EJ back, and then realize you have been a moron all along. Also, dump the robe Sami.

Previews: Brady asks Ari if she was set up. Um, she has been saying she is innocent so YES BRADY that is what that all implies. When someone says they are innocent and their DNA is everywhere, they have been set up! Now if only you can realize that Nicole has tried to ruin your love life a thousand times by doing shady shit. He needs to watch old episodes of Days.

Nicole is on the phone saying that Ari is guilty as sin. I like Nicole, and I am glad her plan worked, HOWEVER, this plan is beneath her and of course she will just get screwed over in the end. Let's realize that Brady is NOT for you and you need a guy with at least half a brain cell to date you. Please go annoy EJ because he at least deserves to be tortured.

Chloe tells Daniel its all her fault. Maybe she spilled the tanning lotion. She does that. Also, what happened to blaming everything on Carly?? She even told Carly she was going to tell Danny that she cheated all because of her. Did it make sense?? NOOOOOOO but its fun blaming Carly Manning for everything!! Let's face it people...even Carly hates Carly. However, this does not excuse Chloe from being a huge airhead when Daniel would forgive her no matter what she did. She could have lit an orphanage on fire and Daniel would take her back.

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