Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Mia to Get Rid Of

EJ is whiny and hates that Rafe would be a better father. Rafe has NO children!! All he did was buy a present for Johnny! BTW Johnny needs to be put on a ADHD medication. Love that all he got was a jacket and he bounced off the walls. EJ says Rafe loves Sami and the moron is shocked by this. Seriously? Rafe said he loved you before he left town genius! Sami tries telling EJ he is a good man, and that she hopes Johnny grows up to be like him.....British? Tall? Rich? So far Johnny just has oily hair like his dad. THAT IS IT!

Vivian is uberjealous of Maggie and Victor...and she SHOULD BE! Maggie sasses Victor from her hospital bed, and these two are cute with their mutual snark. Philip and Mel show up wondering what is going on, and Philip excuses himself and Victor. Vivian arrives and is annoyed Victor is complimenting Maggie. Maggie leaves the hospital with Phil and Mel....I would have taken the free limo ride. Vivian and Gus refer to Maggie as a HUSSY....RUDE! Drunk gossip maybe but not hussy! Vivian decides to push up the wedding and Victor almost chokes on his booze.

Rafe has Calliope continue to spy on Anna. Anna does not reveal ANYTHING. Anna wants to travel the world with Calliope, which tells me she may have a hearing problem. Love Cal, but seriously that voice gets on your nerves after a day. Anna agrees to pay off Calliope's tax debts, and the two hug. Unfortunately, Anna bear hugs Calliope and pulls out her microphone wire. Rafe is screwed once again.

Poor Chad has to deal with Mia. He is a good guy and he deserves better! He is accepted to a new school, and Mia decides all of a slutten that she wants to go to New become a prostitute? She claims it is for dancing, I say its for pole dancing. Madeline wants Chad out of Salem, but his dad thinks they should trust their son. Now this guy is going for the parenting award in town? Chad decides that he is staying in Salem, despite his mother's WTF ARE YOU THINKING face!

Last but not least....CHLOE! UGHHH Chloe and Daniel. Chloe makes a very lame attempt at explaining to Daniel that she slept with Phillip. They go over the fact that she is a whack job who might be making shit up. This conversation should have happened two weeks ago! Daniel interrupts her confession and BLAMES HIMSELF for everything. Honestly blaming Carly would have made more sense. So she tells him NOTHING, and he thinks she just told Phillip about the hysterical pregnancy. No she gave him a free ride Danny! They are going to see a therapist together....PLEASE DO NOT EXPOSE US TO THOSE! Thanks.

Previews: Rafe confronts Anna. This should be supremely lame because we are talking about Rafe here. The loser thinks he is funny too. Just drag the woman back to Salem and ruin EJ's life already!

Will asks Sami what is going on between her and EJ. NOTHING! If they are going to get together just do it already! Stop with the stares and the innuendo. Just go be rapists in love like we all know you want to be. Have some steamy sex scenes please. If this leads to James Scott shirtless then I will support their love for the time being.

Stefano warns EJ that he and Samantha will be finished forever. Repeat: Forever = 3 months on this show. Don't worry EJami fans! Once Sami finds out the truth I am sure she will be dumb enough to stick with EJ at some point. She cannot control herself when he gets snooty.

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