Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Text Message to Everyone

The Days hair department must have gotten a raise. GOOD HAIR DAY!! And we don't count Vivian because its a cray cray choice with that character.

Carly is still horny after having sex with Bo the night before. Like HORNY HORNY! Salem must be so boring there is nothing or no one else to do. She also apparently raided Chloe's closet and is wearing a dress. WOW. Hope and the Little Devil interrupt them. Carly leaves and Bo and Hope discuss their evil spawn and her problems. Bo learns from the little creeper that Mommy has a treasure box. Bo looks as freaked out about his kid as we are. Her cray cray overwhelms him. Luckily he gets a text about Victor and neglects his daughter.

While Carly is not being Horny she butts into Chloe's love life. Chloe and Daniel have the same exact conversation they always have. This time Chloe does a 180...yes I am stealing lines from the show...and blames herself for all her problems. She even defends Carly at one point....whatever pills she taking, I WANT SOME! So Chloe and Daniel accomplish nothing the whole episode. Carly asks if she told Daniel the truth and she can tell Chloe is still lying. Carly threatens to tell Daniel if she does not. Daniel overhears them but gets a text about Victor. There is a theme here....

Ari is in jail and all the evidence proves she is guilty. Funny how that works out. She has had it with Brady not believing her, and I've had it with her storyline. She makes him leave, and then has to deal with Hope who is no comfort whatsoever. Hope says she understands why Ari would do it, overlooking the fact the girl is still saying she is innocent. Hope is such a good listener, especially with her cray cray child who has told her 5 times that she keeps a box under her bed. GO LOOK!

Nicole is trying to do a story on Arianna but Phillip tells her to cut her shit. She and Melanie get into a little bitchfest, but Nicole ends up doing a piece in favor of Arianna. Melanie loves her husband for fixing everything and she still doesn't realize he made a stupid mistake named Chloe. They are going to have sex, but GUESS WHAT?? He gets a text about Victor. Nicole and Brady discuss Arianna's problems, and Brady is still so slow that he does not get what Nicole is doing. Luckily for Brady he gets a text about Victor.....hmm I'm going to guess something is up with Victor.

Vivian is upset because Victor has gas. Victor makes it clear he does not want to marry Vivian, but he is a man of his word. She thinks they are perfect for one another, but apparently the "I hate Carly" bond they both have is not enough to commit. Vivian cares for Victor and he admits they have a certain something, but he still has gas. Vivian gets the gas and she hears a THUD. The episode ends with Vivian teary eyed......however, she is clearly texting everyone. My question: Who taught Vivian how to text on person let alone the whole town?

Previews: Vivian is sad and says she didn't want it to happen this way. Maybe Victor passed out in the bathroom because his gas was so bad. Indigestion is serious business folks! Maggie needs to smuggle Victor out of the country or something.

Bo is concerned about Victor. Since when? You know if it wasn't for Bo poor Victor would not be in this mess. Does he really have to marry Vivian? Can't he just lock her up in a cellar or have her deported? There are other ways to get rid of the weirdo. Bring IVAN back!

Stefano and Will are bonding. Stefano says to Will not to get mad and to get even!! I LOVE that Stefano and Will are becoming close. Will hasn't had a stable guy in his life and Stefano actually seems to like Will. Sure Stefano is evil but you know what, Will needs to toughen up considering his parents are so messed up themselves. This is becoming cute and can lead to so many things down the road. I APPROVE! .....it was bound to happen eventually.

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