Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All My Alice Memories.

The Hortons remember Alice some more and await the arrival of Mike Horton. They also try making Alice's donuts and that's a big NO NO in my eyes, but they also put together a family album filled with photos. Caroline, Kayla, and Stephanie also remember Alice and how amazing she was, and how family is important. Which is funny considering Kayla is never around her family and is about to leave again.

Melanie and Chloe have big girl time filled with death threats and tender moments. Melanie calls Chloe one of the Kardashian sisters...the tranny looking one who is a bitch...and says she will CRUSH her. The fact that Melanie thinks she can take Chloe in a fight is fabulous, and at least she is not as annoying as Carly with her same threat over and over again. Melanie should really bitch slap Chloe. The next time the subject of Phillip comes up they should also comment on having both seen him naked. That's real bonding. She lets Chloe borrow the necklace Daniel gave her...with emphasis on the word BORROW! If Chloe doesn't return it after the ceremony she is getting tackled.

Lucas apologizes to Phillip, and his brother hopes he stays in town. He also has a friendly moment with his mother despite the fact he has been cold towards her in the past. He also tells Will that he does not like that he is living with the DiMeras. Well I ENJOY his bonding with Stefano, especially since Stefano should be bonding with Chad.

Daniel gets Phillip and Melanie back to the hospital for the wedding. These two have gone to that hospital way too many times in one day. Just stay there and wait for these two idiots to decide they are not getting married. They are also getting married by a justice of the peace whose name is Kevin but really his name is Jessie from 90210. Jessie gets a phone call and has to leave....ten bucks says it was that damn Andrea Zuckerman. Daniel and Chloe have the 900th conversation about NOT getting married but decide to do it. UGHHHH. Carly finally gets out of surgery and realizes that Chloe lied...OMG why is she so surprised?! She goes in and interrupts the ceremony..AGAIN which is rude because she was NOT invited! Phillip is annoyed and Chloe wants to have a heart attack. Carly is going to say what she needs to say...yeah no she's not..Chloe's pregnant and she continues to annoy this cray cray bitch to no end.

Kate discovers Madeline's secret, but does not share it with us because that would be to nice of this show to do for a change. Stefano agrees to give Madeline all the other stuff she wants back, why that is so confuses the hell out of me. Kate even questions him but he says he doesn't want Maddie in his life anymore. The old Stefano would have taken that stuff and blackmailed into doing his bidding. Chad tells Maddie he is staying in Salem...damn that MIA! Chad visits Mia and tells her his decision. Okay so he stayed in town to have sex with the ho....And Maddie shows up to see Mia to end that idea. Even Maddie knows you can't trust condoms in Salem.

Previews: Carrie is BACK! I miss the old Sami and Carrie bitch fights that Carrie always backed down from and Sami never won somehow. Now they are going to be all friendly and its just not the same. I need a good hair pulling match from these two but I'm not going to get it.

EJ tells Arianna that Nicole is behind everything and he is going to prove it. Good luck with that. Rafe has a better shot of coming back and stumbling upon the truth and even that is a slim to none chance.

Brady tells Nicole that he and Arianna are through. Awww I'm going to miss all of their sex scenes. Too bad that Brady isn't going to get with Nicole either. He is just going to mope around. He should watch Passions in his downtime and try to fix things.

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