Monday, June 14, 2010

The Dumb Chloe and the Brandless Brady

Carly continues to insist Chloe has to tell Daniel about her the affair. Are we surprised? At this point I'd like Chloe to shoot Carly in the throat so she turns mute for two weeks and stops talking about the damn affair. Chloe calls her a hypocrite and Carly looks shocked that Chloe used it correctly in a sentence. Chloe also gets a visit from Vivian who is now finally annoyed by the "stupid little twit." She wants to make Chloe pay now, but I'm sure she'll forget the minute someone else annoys her.

Melanie tells Phillip she's finally okay with the wedding, and Daniel overhears. He is such a goober and so happy is daughter is on his side. She calls herself a mistake, but he corrects her and tell her she was an accident. Wow that was all warm and fuzzy. Actually isn't it all Daniel's fault he didn't have any protection? Phillip visits Chloe again and they also have the same freaking discussion. If I were Chloe I'd just ask for some drugs and some guards at the door. The wedding starts and Father Matt is ready to begin. However, Carly walks in and Chloe stops the wedding...She should have waited until Father Matt asked if anyone objects.

Nicole tells Baker to keep out of sight, so he goes to poker games? That makes sense. They also come to the AMAZING conclusion that if they keep quiet, no one will know anything. Anyone else amazed that someone finally figured this out? Brady joins the poker game to get information on the guy who stole his money clip. Watching Brady lose thousands of dollars is annoying as hell because we are in a recession and are not as rich as Brady! This poker game is not exciting, and its obvious that Brady doesn't belong there. Baker catches Brady at the game and arranges to have his drink drugged. Meanwhile Nicole deals with Vivian...which was fun until she mentioned Arianna....UGHHHHH.

Sami tells EJ there is a physical attraction between them, but they have to get over it and just be parents. I think what she meant to say was... "Let's have sex and use protection so we DO NOT become parents AGAIN!" Sami dreams of Rafe, which would be my nightmare. He tells her he may never come back to her.....okay this dream is getting better! If I had a dream about Rafe he would at least be shirtless. Sami cannot even dream correctly! She even tells Rafe about the EJ situation. I'm glad Sami has a fictitious girl talk conversation with her ex about her other ex. That's love!

Shane gets taken away to be executed. Yeah who cares, he'll get away. Really this is orchestrated to take care of Rafe. EJ and Stefano discuss Alice Horton and its very sweet. Stefano is very moving when he discusses how feisty Alice was, and EJ asks him to not share the news with Sami yet. They hug and I Awwww'ed. Stefano makes a call to have Rafe removed. A guard helps Rafe, and then attacks him. He starts choking him and the scene ends....I was looking forward to seeing him strangled some more. Rude Days!

Previews: Sami asks EJ if he is keeping something from her. He has been keeping something from you for a while and you NOW figure it out?! He is going to probably be telling her about Alice when he should really be admitting HEY I might have kidnapped ur baby.

Chloe says she'd like to go to confession. Is she going to confess to the affair or the fact that she is annoyingly loud every time she discusses the affair? At least it's Father Matt time and she gets to again tell him what a slut she is. Too bad for her Father Matt loves Chloe sexual confession time.

Melanie asks Carly if she thinks Chloe's going to break Daniel's heart. While I am happy that Melanie and Carly are getting along, it would have been nice if oh, maybe we saw them actually start to like each other BEFORE this RANDOM conversation about Daddy Daniel! She hated her guts then just decided let's talk about my daddy. It would be really nice if these two had a heart to heart moment about Carly's life and bonding moments, but NOOOOO that would make too much sense.

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