Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Caroline to Bitch Slap

Nicole discovers Brady unconscious and reeking of Booze....just the way I like Brady. After trying to drunkenly smack a cop, they take Brady to the hospital. Bo wonders what the hell is going on. I feel like this was a WASTE of a practically good drunken storyline. Nicole called Bo to get him out of trouble and Bo realizes Nicole really cares for Brady. I'm shocked she didn't pull him into a drunken kiss. She wants to tell him everything...which is code for we are going to get another dragged out NON confession scene. She realizes Baker is behind everything...which leads me to believe alcohol does make people in Salem smarter.

Madeline tells Chad to stay away from the DiMeras....AGAIN. Chad discusses his dead baby, and how he wants to stay in Salem. Momma don't care. Chad hates that his parents running his life. Meanwhile Stefano and Kate work out their plan to steal Madeline's blackmail evidence. Again, why isn't this story more important? This should be a GOOD storyline and not this once in a while mentioned storyline. Chad needs to be running shit and looking into his mom's past more!

Kate is initially pissed at Stefano because he never tells her about Alice's heath problems. She goes over to see her and runs into Bill. They talk about what ifs and Laura walks in all bitchy. Glad to see that Laura is still a cunt...YEAH I SAID IT. Laura realizes she is a bitch and Bill and Jen and NOT Kate. Whatever, Kate is a bitch and walks it off. Stefano apologizes to Kate, and she admits she does like the big lug. Old people who care for one another is so sweet!

...Just like Victor and Maggie!! He tells her he is sorry to hear about Alice and holds her hands. Caroline is one jealous bitch. She gives Maggie stuff on the house and then tells Victor the pub is closed. BITCH! Victor reminds her that he professed his love and she shot him down. Caroline is a bitter old bitch and if she messes with Maggie and Victor I will personally take her out! Side Note: I love how the older generation of people on the show have me more interested than the regular cast!

Carly tells Bo she wants to go see Alice with him....Bo looks at her like she is crazy! This isn't the same Salem where Alice and Carly are friends. However, Bo agrees and they will see her later. Meanwhile Chloe and Daniel have it out over her stupidity and then she somehow convinces him Father Matt walks out because of an annulment issues with Lucas. Daniel is STUPID. How can he not see through Chloe's guilty faces and lies? It's Bogus! He says he can get a justice of the peace to marry them, and Chloe is all for getting marries AGAIN! This girl is cray cray. Then Carly walks in and Chloe calls her a bitch. Yes she is a bitch and you are a whore. If these two continue to have the SAME scripted conversation everyday, I'm not commenting on them anymore. They literally repeat the same conversations they have had for two weeks now. I'm over this story and I hope someone falls down a well...preferably a show writer.

Previews: EJ tells Arianna he has some bad news. Great she is going to cry again. Does this girl ever get good news? And when she does its LAME. Have her hit the lotto and have random but fabulous sex with EJ everyday. That should cheer her up.

Julie tells Sami that she is making the worst mistake of her life. Is she pregnant again? Oh no wait that is a different kind of mistake. Love how Julie butts into another person's personal life. At least she is consistent. We can't all find love with our stepfathers you know!

Nicole tells Baker that she knows what he did and she could kill him for it. Please do! He likes the Red Sox and Hope. What's next?

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