Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guiding Mia the Hell Out of Salem

Okay Obama preempted my Days of Our Lives but it was clearly to save me from watching this episode. So I am just going to recap the facts and not get to into detail on scenes I did not see. If I left anything out you wanted to say..feel free to leave a comment.

Alice passes away by the end of the episode. Days prolonged her death scene so long that the east coast didn't get to see it because of the Obama coverage. People can agree or disagree with Days' treatment of the Frances Reid memorial. I love the Alice flashbacks, however as far as her death is concerned, I did not care for the way Days wrote it at all. They didn't write her death well, but the incorporation of older characters has been lovely. However, AGAIN....badly written but this is Days after all.

Carrie is back in town and she apologizes for her mother kidnapping Sydney. Why she has to apologize for idea really. I liked when Carrie and Sami hated each other, and this was way to friendly a conversation. Now because of Alice's health being worse they decide let's be friends. WHATEVER. If this was the case then why didn't Marlena and Alice "dying" the first time do this?

Madeline talks Mia into leaving town by getting her into the FAME school she could never ever get into herself because she has no talent and fails as a human being. The ho just went from whore to self serving whore. Go literally GO MIA. Leave! Madeline deserves a medal for getting rid of the Taylor Swift wannabe. Mia says goodbye to Sami and Will...unfortunately they don't really care and forgot about her already.

Nicole asks Brady to help save her job.....BORING! Waste of talent too. Brady is not even shirtless. I say she asks him to take his shirt off because THAT is the real favor she should be asking. He says he and Arianna are over...I don't care, as long s Ethan and Theresa are still together. Brady suggests Nicole do a feature story on Alice Horton. Okay while Alice's passing is important news, I cannot see Nicole actually caring. Over at the prison EJ goes on and on about how Nicole is responsible and he is going to take care of her.

Mike arrives in town but he is involved in a car accident so he cannot get to Alice's bedside in time to say goodbye. You know these people should have visited more or at least FICTIONALLY visited more. Carrie and Jennifer rush to Mike's bedside when he winds up in the hospital, and Lexie even gets to make an appearance because after all she is a doctor and does work there.

Carly interrupts the wedding...AGAIN! Chloe is going to go even more crazy with the amount of times Carly gets up in her business. So the big news that I called as soon as the sex went down: CHLOE IS PREGNANT! Now I don't really like this story because it's a huge cliche and Chloe isn't really maternal in my eyes but whatever. I've been asked who I think the daddy is. My GUESS, this is not a spoiler, is that it is Phillip's because Phil has been in this situation before and he WAS NOT the father. It usually works out that the time you don't want the's yours. If it IS Daniel's well then...that's a wee bit boring unless we get a MIX UP story line AGAIN.

Previews: Sami tells Carrie that when she finds her she's gonna make sure she pays for what she did. Gee wonder if they are talking about Anna. HMMM who cares?! Would Anna really go to jail for that long on this show? Plus it's all EJ's fault anyway.

Shane tells Rafe that the reports of his death are greatly exaggerated.....well since you are alive then DUH! Who wrote that line? I mean really?! This Kimberly and Shane reunion better be short and sweet.

Kimberly tells Bo that he dropped off the face of the earth. God there are so many people I wish she were talking about besides Shane. Can there be a Days Survivor edition where we vote people off for weeks/months/years at a time?!

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  1. I completely agree with you regarding Alice's death. Everyone knows that she's hanging on by a thread so what do they do? Why, go to the Brady pub for some fish 'n chips, of course! Puh-lease. At least Maggie (the only one in Salem whose synapses are still firing) had the good sense to stay with Alice in her final moments.

    Oh, and I think the actress that plays Chloe is doing a bad acting job on purpose in protest of the stupid storyline.


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