Friday, June 18, 2010

Days of Our....Oh Who am I Kidding I Didn't Watch...

Only watched half the show today but I didn't miss much. It's one of those NON-FRIDAY episodes where nothing happens or progresses the storyline. This is a quick summary because I didn't watch the whole thing.

Kayla is back to see Alice, but she gets to deal with Stephanie. In this case I would be an absentee mother too. Steph goes on and on about Nathan and Kayla looks like she wanted to stay home. Melissa also returns to town and guess what? She still looked better 20 years ago. I'd also like to invest money in the Salem hotel because where are all these people staying? Maggie's house is NOT that big.

Daniel tells Maggie her Myasthenia Gravis is in remission. YAY MAGGIE! Melanie and her get boding time. Melanie should just forget Carly. Maggie is more her mother than anyone else. In fact, give Maggie the whole damn show. She is the best part and tells people off all the time because they act like morons.

Nicole yells at Dick for what he did to Brady. She loves the big lug. Brady leaves the hospital and goes to see Arianna. Arianna doesn't believe him, kind of like he didn't believe she was innocent. HURTS DOESN'T IT?! Nicole and Brady hug. She tries to comfort him but I think he is upset he doesn't get to see Arianna naked for about 4 weeks now.

Father Matt tells Chloe he can't divulge what she said in confession, but says she has to tell Daniel the truth. I love how Chloe didn't understand the rules of Confession. Nicole learns Chloe is in the hospital and the elevator thing..blah blah blah. Chloe admits that she cheated on Daniel and Nicole insists she has to marry Daniel right away. Well she already pregnant so what's the rush? Oh wait she doesn't know that yet. OOPS! Love how Chloe tells everyone she cheated but NOT Daniel. Does she NOT realize that the MORE people know the HARDER it is to keep a secret?! DUMB WHORE! Daniel pulls off his the invisible stupid hat he is wearing and asks Chloe to tell him the truth....yeah that would be like her wearing underwear...not gonna happen!

Previews: Lucas asks Sami where home is for her these days. Hey they lady gets around. Lucas is the only dude who can keep Sami in check because he actually fights back. I miss the bonehead!

Stefano sits with Kate like its movie night and says: "Showtime!" They are going to watch seriously they are watching porn. It's a sex tape. I find it refreshing a couple can enjoy a good porn together mixed in with a little homicide. Days of Our Snuff films?

Chloe tells Daniel she wants to be his wife right now. THEN MARRY HIM!! Stop interrupting your own wedding. You crazy ass bitch!

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