Monday, June 7, 2010

General Cray Cray at the Hospital

Rafe and Shane....Shane an Rafe. If they were more boring...well we would all be dead. The crappy part of this is Shane wasn't boring, but teaming him with Rafe...BORING! They discuss Sami (because her love life is apparently international news) and how the Brady women get under your skin....and pregnant, don't forget pregnant! They stage a fake fight in order to escape the prison....too bad they don't get caught. I was actually going to enjoy seeing an execution just like when Sami got the lethal injection back in the day.

Not to be outdone by her big brother Rafe, Arianna...BORING! Her and EJ need to just have sex, and then MAYBE I will enjoy Arianna time. That man needs his clothing off, and Sami is not moving fast enough. Arianna is screwed however, and not in a good way! Nicole is her alibi and she publicly talks about planting evidence withe Brady to make Arianna look innocent with the DA hanging around. Someone tell the Charlie from Empty Nest...he is NOT playing Charlie from Empty Nest! He tells Arianna that she is stuck in jail....and she is officially dehydrated from all the crying. Meanwhile Nicole and Brady are hugging over her "mistake" and Gaby walks up pissed off. Nicole needs booze and a bat to deal with that annoying brat.

Chloe is so CRAY CRAY! She calls the elevator guy who says "Hey call me Otis!" At first I'm like of ALL the names in the world he gives OTIS?! Then the fabulous @DonnaDPool explained that is an inside joke because OTIS was a company that made elevators. Wow who know Days had it in them! So I can no longer make fun of Otis, even though he sounded like a creepy phone sex operator from Jersey. Then she has creepy internal voice time!! Chloe is a winner...of the Cray Cray of the Day/Month/Year contest. She decides to stop Carly from getting on the elevator but Daniel charges in and gives Chloe her ring. She tells Daniel she has to go get his gift...which is stopping Carly from dying....This was on my wedding registry immediately. Carly and Chloe then argue at the hospital, where they discuss the WORD of the day: CRAZY! Carly calls Chloe crazy in a nice way, and Chloe screams I'M NOT CRAZY! Daniel appears at the hospital after receiving a call from Carly, and Chloe looks like she wants Carly on that elevator. Dear Carly, learn to take the freaking stairs. Thanks. xoxo

Sami and EJ are having family quality time and Johnny is all about Rafe. I'd just like Johnny to get a muzzle for his birthday so we don't have to hear him scream anymore. He ignores his dad, can't stand his mom, and likes Rafe. Well he had me with 2 out of 3 qualities, but liking Rafe is a huge sin. He falls down and Mommy and Daddy take care of him. Okay, these two are so slow, that I paid more attention to baby Sydney. Sydney wore a fabulous pink ensemble and was texting with Ali Sweeney's phone the whole time. Give the kid an EMMY!

Stephanie tells Nathan she lost her birth control pills and thinks she might be pregnant...... They made even THIS BORING! Okay so Stephanie did the nice thing and told Nathan a half truth, but its still something. WHAT THE HELL?! I'm confused. Is this girl a villain or a heroine? The writers NEED to decide what the hell to do with Stephanie. They keep having her screw up, then do something nice, to screw up again. PICK ONE! If she is going to be a bitch, let's try that angle THANKS! Nathan was also very understanding. This is not a soap story!! It was a movie of the week.

Previews: Sami tells EJ she can't imagine her life without him. How far we have come from a year ago. Yeah, there were plenty of times you imagined him out of your life and then Alllll of a sluttennn you love the guy. This will last until Rafe comes back, and then poof Oh yeah I love Rafe again. ARG AHH! EJ needs to find someone who will just love him for his rapist self. And please take the shirt off.

Victor tells Vivian that If anything happens to Carly Manning, their marriage is over. Well technically, if Victor learns that Chloe got hurt shoving Carly out of the way that IS something. Hell, Carly gets attacked on a daily basis, so Vivian is in trouble on this one. Also, I am a very loud Team Viggie person! Bring on the love of the older generation.

Daniel stands outside the elevator and hears Chloe screaming. Actually its more of a bellowing. You would think Daniel would recognize his fiance's screaming from the bedroom, but Noooo. Also I think its amazing Daniel thinks someone will answer after having crashed in the elevator. Usually loud screaming followed by a bang would indicate someone is unconscious.

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