Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Young Creeper Child and her Restless Mother

Gaby's face was the first thing I saw. I almost stopped watching immediately! She complained to Sami that she wanted to know where Rafe was and she wanted someone to help her sister. Sami should have had her escorted off the property. Arianna is with EJ and the two work on her case, figuring out one person can give her an alibi....Nicole: Ari is screwed!! She does not want Brady's help and the one person who can save her put her there. SCREWED! Sami learns that EJ is her lawyer, and she seems turned on. EJ visits with Nicole wondering why she isn't helping Ari. Does he REALLY have to ask that question? Brady, HELLO.

Bo and Hope find an empty box under Hope's bed. That little freaking creeper stole all her mom's wallets. Hope thinks its too difficult to talk to Bo with everything that has happened. She just wants to talk about their evil spawn. The creeper stares at the wallets and stuffs them all in her oversized backpack. She goes over her dad's place and proceeds to be rude to Carly. Carly tries to bond with her and SeeWhoreA shoots her an evil look and backs away from Carly like she has a social disease. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ccccccccaaaarrrlllllyyy" I'm having nightmares tonight! Carly tries to see what the freak has in her backpack but SeeWhoreA almost chops off her hand and says those are HER secrets! Seriously is there a therapist on set?? Evil Hope is back after another pill popping session. Maybe she can cut the Dick jokes off.

Okay Carly deserved to lose the hand because of the mess she created today! She tells Daniel NOTHING, except that she has to tell him something. He announces he is going to get married tomorrow and yells at Carly for complaining. Carly then proceeds to threaten Chloe AGAIN that if she won't tell Daniel, Carly will. OMG JUST TELL HIM THEN! Carly announces she is "not there to make friends." Apparently she decided this very early on and she's succeeded immensely. Chloe and Vivian discuss the Carly situation, and Chloe decides that eloping with Daniel is the smartest thing ever. He tells her NO, so she screwed too. I seriously dislike this storyline right now! Just shove her in the damn elevator already.

Onto my FAVORITE story: Victor and Maggie. Vivian is sad because Victor is nowhere to be found on their wedding night. Someone wants to get laid! Victor is with Maggie, and they are being cute! He wants to spend the night talking to her about Mickey and Isabella. Okay these two surprisingly warm my cold bitter heart. Vivian calls Victor but he wants nothing to do with her, and she cries. Awwwwwwwww. Vivian needs a boyfriend..where is Ivan?

Previews: Vivian tells Chloe that if they work together they can stop Carly. Oh, nothing will stop Carly Manning 2.0! Everyone hates her, but the lady won't die. She's like Stefano just without the nice suits, accent and the humor. Vivian needs to focus on not losing Victor and Chloe needs to just go tanning and forget she ever met Carly.

Daniel tells Melanie and Phillip that he is getting married tomorrow. Melanie screams NOOO. Wow Melanie should have screamed that loudly when Nathan tries to kiss her. Lovely how Melanie thinks Daniel and Chloe are all wrong for one another. See this actually makes sense because Chloe is a cray cray and who would want their father to marry a girl with a whore track record? HELL she slept with her husband too! Melanie is winning points in the smart department...she's getting there.

EJ tells Nicole he thinks she is going back to prison. Well way to jinx it EJ. He was doing so well in the smart department and NOW he hits a wall. She is not going to prison, and now you have brought her back into your life so she can destroy it all over again. Way to go! Why not talk loudly and tell her you kidnapped Sydney....oh wait that's going to happen. OOPS.

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