Tuesday, June 15, 2010

General Hospital Confessions to Father Matt

Bill and Laura are back to honor Alice at the end of the episode. All it took for the character of Bill to come back was his mother dying. Nathan, Jennifer, Adrienne, and Stephanie are all visiting with Alice. Also, Sami arrives to visit after learning from Lucas that Alice is dying. We get a Sami/Alice flashback that I actually remember seeing. Sami tells Jen all about her and EJ...which is funny because Jen knows all about loving a rapist. Sami blows up at EJ when she finds out her townhouse construction is complete and he didn't tell her....ITS HER MOTHER'S PLACE! She forgives him right away and this whole argument didn't even matter. She is going to stay at the mansion and try not to get pregnant. EJ worries about the Anna situation. Just sleep with Sami and move on with your life EJ.

Rafe and Shane overtake their guards and escape. We have to watch Rafe get strangled for a half hour and then see him get away dammit. He goes to see Anna, but she is gone. Anna we got to watch try to stand and move towards a door for an hour. The action and adventure in this storyline is so overwhelming.

Brady gets drugged. Brady falls down. Dick comes with bottle and pours booze in Brady's mouth. Brady in big trouble. Dick pours booze over Brady so he smells. Someone better not light match near Brady. By the way the caveman speak was to honor the look on Brady's face as he wobbled around town.

Chloe stops the wedding to confesses to Father Matt about her constantly referenced to sex with Phillip. She gives full on names and doesn't really understand how this priest things works if you ask me. I was terrified she was going to get into detail about the sex. Father Matt realizes she is cray cray and says he has to agree with Carly. If someone has to agree with Carly then you KNOW you did something really stupid. He tells Daniel he is NOT marrying them. I think Matt is upset Chloe didn't cheat with him. Phillip is just shitting himself in the waiting room and aging about 50 years because of this stupid storyline. Stephanie and Nathan arrive and are surprised Daniel and Chloe are getting married. Steph can tell Phil is lying about something.

Carly decides this is the perfect opportunity to be Melanie's mommy and take advantage of the situation. Nice move there Carly, wait til she finds out you knew Chloe was a cheater! They also talk about the "kind of woman' Chloe is...yeah WHORE. Daniel this WHOLE episode just wants to know what the fuck is going on?! He keeps asking questions and getting lame ass answers. You would think a Doctor and someone experienced with Chloe's cheating would realize it has to do with her being a WHORE!

Previews: Kate asks Stefano what the hell is the matter with him. That's actually a good question. Stefano has become a big softy. Too bad John Black is gone and he doesn't have anyone he can try to kill as much. Rafe is just a pain in the ass, whereas John he got the chance to screw with. Stefano needs to put a hit on half the town anyway.

Chloe calls Carly a BITCH! Okay, I'm on Chloe's side with that comment. Carly is just annoying with her same old ass speech as always saying that she should tell the truth, Daniel loves her...blah blah blah. She should save us all the trouble and tape record herself for Chloe to listen to every ten minutes. Too bad Chloe was so far away she couldn't call Carly a Bitch and then spit on her...now that's DRAMA!

Bo and Nicole are with Brady at the hospital. Bo is wondering what the hell happened? I feel like Bo is always wondering what the hell is going on. Let's see. Maybe he feels threatened by Brady's stupidity and fears of losing his title as the dumb one in the family. Nicole probably smells the booze on Brady and wonders why she wasn't invited to the party.

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