Friday, June 25, 2010

Loving Frances Reid!

Okay today we said goodbye to Frances Reid. It would have been a better send off had it been an Alice Centered episode and NOT a Hope centered episode. It was very annoying that everything revolved around Hope, and not Alice like we were promised. I'm even annoyed there were Rafe scenes today.

Everyone got a chance to say goodbye. Mike was annoyed because Lexie would not discharge him for the funeral. So annoyed he chose to scream like a banshee! He even upset Jen! Everyone's goodbyes were sweet, but Hope was given the big "Days of Our Lives" speech. Hope and how she belongs with Bo should never have been mentioned. Should have been ALL ALICE! thanks!

Flashbacks were wonderful, and ALMOST made me cry but I held it in. Think Days did a good job building up Alice's memorial, however many things should have been handled differently. All in all let's remember all the good Frances Reid brought to our show! Have donut in honor of Mrs. H!

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