Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Bo Divorce and the Beautiful Scratched up Chloe....BITCH!

Okay I just want to make it very clear off the bat I WILL NOT be mocking anything Alice related. It's just too sad and since Frances Reid passed in real life, I will not be making any negative comments. The Alice flashbacks were great, and I have free reign on Julie and he old up do. But other than that, honoring the late Frances Reid is important and I can be nice dammit! Today marked the beginning of the whole town learning that Alice's condition is deteriorating.

Chloe wakes up and tells Daniel she has ruined everything. Did she break the tanning bed? Okay, the whole episode she feels guilty but Daniel and even Melanie who is snooping around learn nothing. Carly decides AGAIN to not tell Daniel anything, but warns Chloe that she has to tell him. This flip flopping is making me queasy. Melanie asks Carly what was going on, and she DOES NOT tell her daughter anything, which will cause friction in the future DAMMIT! Phillip cannot believe that Carly knows and Chloe is the biggest idiot on the planet in his eyes. Too bad he didn't figure it out when he was screwing her.Daniel overhears as Phillip tells Chloe she has to keep quiet.... yeah good luck with that, and while you are at it share that advice with Carly.

Stephanie tells Nathan she isn't pregnant....well THANK GOD! Then she tells Caroline, who got knocked up in her day I bet. That lady just probably stole books off the book cart dammit. Have her arrested please. She learns about Alice, as does Nathan who is about to tell Melanie. Basically this is a BAD EPISODE where everyone is learning about Alice and its depressing!!

SeeWhoreA tells Theo that her mother was with another man. Theo takes the opportunity to hit on her. Young love! Bo tells Abe his marriage is over, but Abe disagrees. Listen Abe, its been two years since Lexie's last affair. Why don't you go make sure she isn't sleeping around again? Stay OUT of Bo and Hope's marriage when you have a wife who sleeps around with people her age, who are usually related to you. Bo learns about Alice from a crying, dry heaving Hope. Carly comes over and looks jealous that Bo is holding the skeleton. She's dead, you cannot be jealous of someone who is dead.

Stefano and Kate plot to get the tape from Madeline. What is on this tape dammit???! and why is this storyline not more important. WE KNOW THEY ARE PROSTITUTES! Just tell me what is on the damn tape and give them more than two days a week if they even get that. And when you bring Jessica Tuck on your show...USE HER DAMMIT! Maddie and Chad plan his graduation, and Will is invited. Maddie is upset, but not as upset as I AM when the boys talk about her being a MILF! EWWWW.Chad, Will and Tad wonder about the story behind the picture of Madeline and Kate. It's a mystery...maybe Kate is Chad's dad....DUN DUN DUN.

Previews: Melanie tells Nathan that Stephanie's not taking her birth control pills. Well too little too late. And the bitch fessed up, and this storyline is going nowhere because everyone is too nice and a good person. Unfortunately we have to wait for Phillip to get caught for ANYTHING to happen.

Arianna tells Nicole she is on to her. Bitch! You have been saying that since the lady got out of jail. DO SOMETHING ABOUT HER THEN! Don't stand there taking her shit. Nicole owns your ass. Arianna: Sleep with EJ and get over Brady for now. Thank You.

Jennifer IS BACK!!! YAY! Okay its for a sad reason but I am happy that an old character that I loved is back. Also, I am going to laugh when she disses Carly for her cousin Hope. Watch it happen people.

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