Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guiding Chloe...through a Murder Plot

Melanie does not want her father marrying Chloe....probably because she is only about 5 years older than her and no one ever seems to want to address the obvious age difference between Chloe and Daniel. Melanie thinks Chloe is desperate when she learns she wanted to elope with Daniel after finding out that Daniel planned the wedding for tomorrow. Melanie is smart now and it's confusing where this all came from. Let's enjoy it before it all goes away and she spazzes out. Daniel insists Chloe makes him happy, and Phillip backs him up. Daniel asks Phillip to walk Chloe down the aisle. Can this GET ANY WORSE? Does everyone know that Phillip and Chloe USED TO have sex? Are they aware of that?

Carly has to deal with the devil child and then the devil snatches away her loot from the evil witch. Carly better watch her back! SeeWhoreA is scarier than Vivian and Chloe combined. Then Carly blames herself for the bad stuff that happened with the creeper. NOW Carly Manning is blaming HERSELF for everything. Told you this would happen. Carly runs into Daniel and apologizes for being anti-wedding. However, she has that "I'm going to put that damn foot in my mouth again" face when she learns Chloe insists on marrying Daniel.

Bo tries to see the secret treasure the little creeper is hiding but Caroline comes over. Yes folks, Bo was searching his daughter's things because she is that evil. Caroline comes over bitching that Victor married Vivian. Okay, first off you told Victor that you were not interested. Second, you ain't Maggie Horton a retired boozer so get to steppin.' Okay that was fun! Seriously, Caroline has no business getting involve in Victor's love life, when she removed herself from it. And OMG its like the Golden Girls in heat on Days with Viv, Caroline, and Maggie fighting over Victor.

All this time Hope and Baker have met up and she takes him to her home. She shows him that her family lives there and he realizes she is married to Bo and has a child. Then she notices that little devil child has the wallets. Okay! This one line PROVES TO ME, that someone on that show reads my stuff. Hope refers to her own child as: THAT LITTLE DEVIL! Even the creeper's mother thinks her child is a daughter of Satan. THANK YOU!

Chloe decides she has to get rid of Carly so she calls...Vivian?! Why she thinks this is a good idea is beyond me. When Nicole, who is evil yet doesn't kill people is your friend, accept HER help! So Vivian tells Chloe she has the perfect way to get rid of Carly and it involves an ELEVATOR! Then Vivian reminds the audience that THIS HAS BEEN DONE ALREADY ON THIS SHOW! Lovely, how Days admits they are reusing the same stuff over and over again. Chloe is not seeing the big picture and questions why Vivian is being so cryptic, and how this man's phone number will help her. She claims she is not stupid.....Chloe...when someone tells you that a person is going to be put in an elevator and taken care of....IT MEANS THEY ARE GETTING KILLED! Vivian is appalled that she has to spell it out for her. Chloe finally gets it, and just gives that wide eyed deer in headlights look. Chloe is dumber than's official!

EJ talks to Nicole about how she can provide Arianna with an alibi. Nicole is less than thrilled and EJ is gloating about how he will have her put back in prison when he can prove her part in everything. Honestly, I stopped paying attention to their conversation because James Scott looks fine in that pink and grey suit number. Arianna also gets her clothes from Brady, but they are still not getting along. EJ visits Ari and thinks things are going well. They hug, and when the hell are they going to do it already? Just sleep together so we can get it over with. Nicole runs into Brady and she says she might be able to help Ari. Brady is really trying to catch up to Chloe in the dumb department since he lost his crown.

Previews: Daniel yells at Carly that he is marrying Chloe and there is nothing she can do about it. You know what? Let the bastard marry the whore and just leave this idiots alone. Step away from the tard Carly! If you don't have feelings for Daniel, just leave him alone and let his life crash and burn so you and Melanie can have movie nights! Worry about your own crappy life!

Chloe asks Vivian if she meant she wanted her to kill Carly. Okay, so Chloe STILL has not caught on really. It actually takes ANOTHER episode for it to all sink in. This girl has problems. Vivian should just kill Chloe and pin the murder on Carly at this rate. Do not let this idiot try to kill anyone. She cannot even understand a stupid murder plot!

Hope stares at the little creeper and says it's time to say goodbye to her life. Okay, I know she is going after Bo, but I say get rid of the little creeper while you are at it. Leave her with some nuns and pray she accepts Jesus as her savior. Also, not only say goodbye to your life, get rid of the freaking bump-it while you at it!

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