Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All My Elevator Accidents

Gaby is in this episode. I'd like to pretend she was not so POOF she is gone! In fact, none of her scenes of pointlessness ever happened. Brady goes to see Arianna, but after learning that he was with Nicole she thinks she is screwed and that Brady should just get out of her life because he still falls fr Nicole's crap. Arianna and Brady are just upset it has been so long since they have had sex and been naked.

Speaking of Hernandez people in prison...RAFE is still in jail with Shane! Another pointless storyline that went nowhere today! Rafe and Shane got caught trying to escape but plan to escape again. Can the Hernandez family just stay in jail and have Gaby move out of town because she is a minor who has no parental supervision currently!

Chloe saves Carly and shoves her out of the elevator, but the doors close on her as the lights are flickering and here comes the LAME elevator fall. Daniel finds her and performs not even fake CPR. Lexie and Carly perform the quickest brain surgery known to man. Chloe does NOT have a bandage on her head....WTF? She has bruises on her face and the brain surgery does not even make a difference at all...because we all know Chloe never had a brain. She wakes up to Daniel at her side, saying she is sorry. My God, her coma was more realistic.

Vivian is nervous on her wedding night because she wants to hear that Carly died. Well she should be because Victor made a comment about raping her!! Something every woman wants to hear on their wedding night. Vivian calls the hospital with the worst Southern accent asking about the woman in the elevator. She learns that Chloe got the shaft and not Carly. Bad joke but consider the show people!

Phillip has a nightmare that Melanie figured out that he slept with Chloe...oh she's not that smart yet. Maggie finds Phillip and wonders what is wrong, trying to convince him that Melanie will not leave him. Melanie and Phillip rush to the hospital when they hear about Chloe from Daniel. I would have brought popcorn and enjoyed the show. Also, I enjoy that Daniel called his daughter in the middle of the night to let her know that the woman she DOES NOT want him marrying was injured. Then Carly tells them that Chloe saved her. OMG what a dumbass to not figure out the crazy lady was trying to kill you.

EJ and Sami take the WHOLE DAMN episode to kiss. I didn't even pay attention to the crap they were talking beforehand. Then when they FINALLY kiss Sami stops EJ and runs out of the room. I suspect she thought she was going to get pregnant from it.

Previews: Stefano tells Kate that he wants the tape. So we are back to the interesting Madeline storyline they stuck in the corner! This storyline actually has potential so of course they don't show it everyday, and just once every two weeks! Yeah for CHAD time too!

Bo tells Abe that this marriage... it's over. Wow I didn't know Bo and Abe were married. So sad. Okay obviously that means Bo filed for divorce and he and Hope are over...um yeah right! Bo and Hope are stuck together forever, deal with it people. Misery loves company..and boy is Bo in for another lifetime of misery!

Hope asks Maggie and Julie what happened to Gran?.... Okay this is going to be sad!The highlight will be the return of past cast members like Jennifer Horton this week....Carly has a friend, but I'm sure this NEW Carly will do something to blow it.

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