Monday, June 28, 2010

Bill and the Beautiful Flashbacks

The Hortons are still celebrating Alice's life and we got some more flashbacks of Frances Reid in action. Great moments and some characters said goodbye today. It was nice seeing some of them, and some should really STAY IN TOWN because we like them better than certain other Salem people!

Kate wonders if she should tell Stefano about what Maddie's big secret is....can she not tell us already? Do we have to find out along with Stefano because I just need to here that I am right already. Kate goes to Alice's grave and talks about her life regrets. It was very sweet and I enjoy seeing the softer side of Sears..I mean Kate. Bill, who SHOULD STAY IN SALEM, comes up and the two have a small chat, but he is leaving...SHOOT. Maddie is trying to hide from Chad she got rid of that little Ho Mia, but I say bow down AND THANK YOU! I would have helped fund Mia's trip out of town. Will mentions her to Maggie and by the looks on their faces, they don't mind that she is gone either. Chad is sad, and Maddie meets up with Kate. Hopefully they TELL US already what we know...PROSTITUTES.

Shane tries to reconnect with Kimberly. Okay wow I'd like to be warned next time about the amount of screaming Kim is going to do. She just yells and lectures Shane the whole time. Why does he want her back? Shane isn't giving up, and if I were him I'd move back to New York with Fran Fine because at least she was funny annoying.

Then this became the Bo and Hope show. They make me want to puke right now with their looks and weird touching. Just get back together already and make each other miserable as usual. Kayla even butts in because she knows all about love with a one eyed dude. Bo takes her off the mugging case and Hope flips out, making her want to stab Bo in the head...okay I added that last part. Dick figures out Hope will be going after Bo next...well she KIND OF TOLD YOU GENIUS! Her little creeper child is coloring with Theo and tells him all about the wallets and strange man. Hope comes in and yells LIES! What great parenting!!! I hate that I have to be on the devil's spawn side of this argument. She runs to her father cause she realizes he is the sane one.

Rafe is back in Salem........Normally this would be exciting.....but NO! He goes to see Sami and tells her about how he wasted his time for about 3 months of storyline. He lectures her as usual and goes on and on about her living arrangement. When she calls him out for being jealous he decides the best answer to this is to make out with her. Okay these two are so boring right now. Just have your little sex with EJ and then regret it without getting pregnant already!

Chloe tells Daniel she has something to say to him. Which means we will get an hour of her NOT saying anything because Daniel will stall her and she will get nervous and say nothing and have the SAME conversation with Carly as always. DUH!

Kate tells Madeline she knows everything. I don't think Kate knows EVERYTHING! I mean why is the sky blue Kate...or your hair for that matter? Just tell us already because it is not like they are going to tell Stefano right away or anything.

Rafe tells EJ, that If that's not good enough for him, he can go to hell. Um WHATEVER! Also, Salem is hell right now! Actually hell is more fun and less time consuming.

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