Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Morning After Pill to Take

Carly has annoyed the crap out of me again. She decides to tell Daniel everything, and then decides she shouldn't tell him. Make up your damn mind. She calls Chloe, who has been going over in her mind if she should kill Carly, and freaks the hell out on her. Carly tells her that lying is bad and then mistakenly uses the word CRAZY. Chloe freaks out screaming NOT TO USE THAT WORD! She should have said Cray Cray. Carly freaks out saying Daniel now HAS to know, and Chloe decides that Manning should die. I just wish one of these bitches really did die, or went into a coma because they are the biggest pain in the asses right now.

Stephanie and Nathan have relationship talk. I only wanted to kill myself about 3 times. It was a good day. She realizes that she is gross for trying to get pregnant. Poor Adrienne has to explain to her that there is such thing as a morning after pill in case she might be pregnant. Nathan deals with a sick patient, and he hugs Melanie over it, with Phillip growling in the background. After Stephanie takes the pill, she leaves the box out and Nathan wonders what she is doing. Guess Nathan has not gone been working closely with the OBGYN department in the hospital.

The whole episode Phillip has to convince Melanie that Chloe is right for her dad. She does not get it at all, and quite frankly neither do I. He finally gets her to shut up when he offers her some sex. Good deal, and thank you for taking it Mel! Daniel talks to Carly first, which was pointless, and then Maggie about his marriage. Can he just leave Maggie alone? Seriously yes she takes care of your kid, but the lady is sick and just has to deal with everyone else's shit. Leave her be so she can concentrate on her love life.....with Victor. Victor and Maggie are so cute. She puts him in his place and he says he "hates" her which means he is smitten. Vivian and him leave for their honeymoon, but before they do he threatens to get rid of her if something should happen to Carly. Something always happens to's annoying. If she's not getting buried alive, she is getting branded a nosy bitch.

Hope gets the wallets back from that little freak of a child. She has Baker mess with the car alarm while she sneaks in to take back her shit. Bo searches the backpack and SeeWhoreA is upset that it is empty and someone stole her treasure. I hope someone is writing this down for when then have her commitment hearing. Caroline gives the little freak...a ROSARY! She has trouble holding it which means she is satanic. SeeWhoreA needs the Lord in her life, and not Bo and Hope. Baker starts hitting on Hope and I have no idea why, or where they are going with this. My take on it: EWWWWWW! SeeWhoreA catches mommy and Dick embracing. Yeah I said it.

Previews: Nicole tells Brady she can clear Arianna. Well stop talking about it and go do it then. These people talk to much. Why don't you stop for drinks or blackmail him in order to save her? He will REALLY love you then!

Arianna asks EJ for one more favor. Well see this is why you never help people. You help them once and they think you are ALWAYS going to help them. Now what does she want? Okay, if she asks to sleep with him, I may start liking Arianna on that reason alone.

Chloe tells Carly she has to talk to her. Shove the bitch in the elevator already. Whenever they talk its the SAME conversation. At least smack each other around or something. There are only so many times you can tell someone to tell the truth before you realize THEY ARE NOT GOING TO DO IT! Also, Chloe is crazy and needs to be committed no matter how this turns out. The girl became freakish after she lost her fake baby. Get her some meds please.

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